For the majority of runners, gym-goers, hikers and exercise enthusiasts, the wash basket is always full to the brim with sweaty, workout gear. If you're lucky, you might get two wears out of a top and you can't wait to peel it off after. What if we told you there was a solution to keep up with your exercise habit...

The constant washing of sports gear actually deteriorates the garment's life, but it's also not good for the environment. Sweaty clothes typically need to be washed on a hotter setting to kill germs too... the more washing you do, and the hotter setting you have your washing machine on, equals more energy being used.

But what if we told you you could wear the same t-shirt for 7 days? Only wash it once a week (on a low heat)! And even then, it's nowhere near as limp or stale as your regular t-shirts? In fact, it's still pretty fresh...

Icebreaker t-shirt

Merino wool fabric is made from a renewable fibre that naturally resists odour, no matter how much you sweat. It also keeps you cool when you get hot or it warms you up when you're feeling cold. The fabric naturally lets your skin breathe. The Icebreaker t-shirts are made from Merino wool and so we at Wiggle put them to the test. 7 days. 1 t-shirt.

How it fits

The fabric of the t-shirt feels really soft to touch and is not what comes to mind when you hear the word 'wool'. Merino wool fibres are fine and the material feels thin, unlike coarse heavy typical woollen jumpers. This makes it lightweight and breathable. The t-shirts themselves are not tight-fitting, but are forgiving - making them ideal for sports!

The sniff test

 I wore this Tee every day for a week for exercise and after the 7 days it did not smell and was incredibly comfortable for every wear. The light weight fabric was perfect and I really liked the relaxed fit of this Tee. I was given this top just before some hot muggy days so I feel like it got a extra test in the humidity and its now become my go to tee for running and cycling to work. After ever wear I hung it up so that it would dry.

I am a big fan of the Icebreaker tee's they are extremely comfortable, warm/cooling and lightweight. My go to brand for all seasons. I wear them for skiing, running, training, hiking and sometimes just day to day. The designs are nice, and caters for all types of occasions. I have just done the 7 days tee challenge and again, love the tee. So comfy and great that you can wear for a week or so and not smell. I usually just leave to air after I have worn and then it's all ready for the next day. I would say they are slightly on the expensive however I would say they are worth the money.

When I heard about the 7-day challenge, I was a little wary as I couldn’t believe any tee could still stay fresh after being worn so many times! After a week of dog walking and a couple of hot runs in the sun, it still felt really good and didn’t smell at all!  Added bonus is that it’s super soft and comfortable to wear. Will definitely be buying more Icebreaker tees in the future after my experience with this product.

Keeping cool

I've had this tee now for around a month or two. I wore it for 5 days camping in Wales and immediately took it to Italy where temperatures exceeded 30 degrees. It doesn't absorb body odour and it has kept me at a healthy temperature. It handles everything.

So, can you wear the same t-shirt for 7 days without people giving you a wide berth... incredibly, yes!  I was given this t-shirt as part of the 7-day Icebreaker tee challenge - essentially, wear the same tee for 7 consecutive days and see how you get on. Well, after 7 days this 100% merino tee was in about the same condition as I'd expect a standard cotton tee to be in after about 1 day's wear - it would certainly pass a cursory sniff test!  I didn't particularly look after it - no making sure it was properly aired-out overnight, no cheeky sink-rinses, just wore it for 7 straight days and to be honest I think I could have gone at least another 2 or 3 without difficulty.  I really see the advantage of this for travelling, long-weekend camping trips, etc, where you'll want to pack light - you only need 1 tee!  I'm a merino convert - I found the tee to be very soft and comfortable and I was amazed at how the merino wool is able to help regulate your body temperature and keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.

I have taken part in the 1 Tee, 7 Days challenge and to complete it I have used the T-shirt for my daily long distanced, fast paced walk across coastal paths and hilly national parks as well gym sessions. At first, the thought of not washing the T-shirt for 7 days was daunting but I must say I was completely surprised at the temperature management of the product, especially with the warmer weather – I felt cool and completely comfortable and in turn I feel like the odour was still pleasant after multiple wears. I am a UK Size 8/Small and the T-shirt fits great, it’s slightly loose but still feels famine. The T-shirt feels lightweight but has good coverage – really happy with the outcome of this challenge.


 gym sessions, 10km+ trail runs, 15km road runs and long hikes. It ended up looking worn as you would expect but could happily be worn again if required. You read alot about sustainability in sport/fashion and this approach has certainly changed the way I look at buying kit.

I am pretty big on sustainability and not only is Merino ethically sourced, but the reduction in washing is a big benefit for the environment.

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