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Speed, buoyancy and a fast transition time are high on the list of any triathlete's check-list for a wetsuit. The redeveloped dhb Hydron wetsuits offer all this and more.

Perfect for entry level triathletes but packed with features to also suit those more experienced, these suits are a smart choice.

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  1. Speed: Using high-quality neoprene in a variety of thicknesses (3mm on the chest and hips, 2.5mm on the thighs, 2mm on back and arms), these wetsuits produce minimal drag in the water by keeping you buoyant and closer to the water's surface. This means there is less effort needed to keep up momentum. Coupled with maximum flexibility in the arms, this gives a more powerful stroke so your stroke-rate and speed is not hampered.
  2. Buoyancy: 3mm thick panels on the chest and hips help retain float balance in the water. Keeping you level while you swim, this helps to avoid your upper or lower body dropping in the water which can slow you down.
  3. Faster transitions: Quick release calf panels help get the suit on and off faster. This super-stretchy neoprene on the calves opens up the ankle cuffs and reduces the risk of the suit clinging to you when you peel it off. Along with this there is a long tie-cord on the zipper, which you can grab quickly to unzip the suit as you’re leaving the water.

The fit of these suits has been improved, with added stretch and flexibility where it is most important. Please refer to the size guide on the website.

Designed with performance in mind, and tested in competitive conditions, the dhb Hydron Wetsuit 2.0 is ideal for triathletes looking for buoyancy and speed – both in and out of the water.


wetsuit, hydron, dhb hydron, dhb wetsuit, neoprene

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