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Wiggle customers (and staff) are massive fans of the iconic Salomon Speedcross Shoe, and we are extremely excited to discover the latest version; to see if it has what it takes to surpass the standard of its predecessors.


A customer favourite

Whether you've run a few trails, or hundreds; every single experience will be unique and offer unpredictable twists and turns. You're familiar with the Speedcross' chevron and half-chevron tread pattern, the distinctive zigzag pattern across its upper, the confidence that comes from wearing a shoe that offers such reliable traction across different terrains and in different weather conditions. The Salomon Speedcross 4 has all of these familiar traits, but with the added bonus of improved durability.



The key update

We've already mentioned that the tread pattern is a key feature of the Speedcross, so you can understand why this is where the technology team at Salomon chose to focus their efforts to create this better-than-ever version.

All of the previous Speedcross shoes had full chevrons down the centre, with half chevrons down the edge – an area that was first to show signs of wear and tear – but the Salomon Speedcross 4 has full chevrons across the entire sole.

The result is a harder-wearing sole, which will give you that fearlessness in foot placement, for more miles than ever before.



All-weather options

Fearlessness is something that oozes from every stitch on the Salomon Speedcross 4. As per the toe guard, this shoe can tackle even the most challenging mountain environments. It's ready for loose debris, solid tree roots and unexpected obstacles.

The water-resistant ClimaShield and GTX models take this one step further; giving you extra willpower on rainy days. The Speedcross isn't designed for fairweather runners, but rather adventurers that are driven by a passion to discover the limits, and enjoy Mother Nature's playground in the process.



Your next step

To make life as easy as possible for the Speedcross's existing fan base – so many customers fall in love with this shoe, buying it time and time again – the sizing is consistent with previous versions.

It's worth pointing out that the snug upper means that the Speedcross is better suited to normal feet, with the zigzag design offering a cradle-like feel. 

We know that if you already like Speedcross shoes, you'll be bowled over by this latest release; and if you're new to the Speedcross, this is the very best time to discover why it is one of Wiggle's best selling shoes.

You can find the Speedcross 4 on the Wiggle website with regular, ClimaShield and GTX options available in a variety of colours and in both a men's and women's fit.

View the Salomon Speedcross 4 range at Wiggle

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