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Unless you've been living underneath one - you'll be aware that there is a new toy in town…

The Stand Up Paddle Board.


I'm sorry, what…?

Stand up paddle boarding, or SUP as it is also referred to, is exactly what it sounds like. You stand up, on a board, and you paddle.  

Ok, so it isn't completely self-explanatory - you can't use your hands, but a huge paddle instead.  And it is really REALLY good fun.  

You should definitely give it a try… which is where we come in.

SUP Events



Wiggle Events has teamed up with #SUPBIKERUN - the unique events company that turns your classic Triathlon set-up on its head.

Combining SUP, mountain biking and trail running; it is an incredibly fun event and open to all abilities.


Where can you have a go?

This summer will take us to 2 stunning locations in the UK - Llandegfedd Reservoir in South Wales, on the 20th & 21st May, and Clumber Park in Worksop on the 2nd & 3rd September. 

Wiggle customers will have the chance to make 2017 the year they try something totally new and exciting, whilst still being able to indulge in their usual disciplines - running and biking.

So you have never tried SUP before? Worried about trying something new at a new event?

Don't worry – we've got that covered…


What to expect

Along with your race ticket, you receive a free SUP lesson or workshop that is held on the Saturday of the event weekend.   

You can even pick up a wrist band for your friend or family member, to join in with the training too (for only £5 per additional ticket). Everyone can have a go at the fastest growing water sport in the UK.

These #supbikerun events are like one of the best mini festival weekends you can imagine. You turn up on the Saturday for your workshop - then spend all day feeling like something out of a Californian tele advert; all with excellent facilities, onsite camping and catering, throughout the weekend.


Distances and event options

There are 2 different course lengths to choose from:

  • WARRIOR – 3K SUP, 15K Bike, 5K Run
  • BARBARIAN – 6K SUP, 30K Bike, 10K Run


Team up!

You can also take part as a team of 4-8 people, and included with this option you get to use one of #SUPBIKERUN's giant XL SUP boards… possibly one of the best team building events you could imagine. 

All team members paddle the giant board along the course before breaking out to run and bike as individuals.

To find out more about the #SUPBIKERUN events and how you as a Wiggle customer can get involved head to the SUPBIKERUN events page here.

Don’t forget Wiggle customers are exclusively invited to try Supbikerun with a discount code giving you £10 off your event. Use the code “WIGGLETEN” when you book on the events page.

SUP Team XL Board Paddle Water