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Jonny Brownlee answers your questions about triathlon

Jonny Brownlee is an Olympic Silver and Bronze medalist, former World Triathlon Champion and two-time World Sprint Triathlon Champion, as well as a national treasure here in the UK. 

Thanks to long-time sponsor adidas, we gave our community of triathletes the chance to ask Jonny anything. Here are your questions answered.

Joanna Goodhead - How do you overcome nerves pre-race or during the race? Do you have a routine to stay focused?

The first thing is I think some nerves are a good thing. It shows the race means something and that you care.

I get a lot of confidence from the training I have done in the lead-up to a race. Thinking about the preparation I've done calms any nerves.

I also remind myself that’s why I have done all the training, to race as best I can.

My routine before a race is to write down all the timings for where I need to be (leave the hotel, warm-up, set up transition etc). Then I can focus on keeping to the schedule and worry less about the race.

Aaron McKee - How often do you do mobility and stretching workouts?

Twice a week, before my gym sessions.

I usually have a rub once a week as well, which helps with mobility.

Gabriella - After each training session - what do you do to recover and prep for the next? What should we all be doing to aid recovery?

In short, eat and hydrate. Some sessions are too close together so I snack on an OTE protein bar but I will have been hydrating and fuelling in the previous session with OTE energy drink too.

I try and sit in my Normatecs (compression recovery system) once a week in front of the telly, and I’ll also have a roll on a foam roller if the dogs will leave me alone.

Theo Hester - What's the best piece of kit you ever bought or were given?

No-brainer- a Leeds United top!

Rupert Ladds - If you have a training session that doesn’t go well, how do you manage it afterwards?

My coach is at all key sessions, so we can have a chat straight afterwards.

We try to work out why it didn’t go as well as expected - were there any mitigating factors such as workload earlier in the week for example? Then I'll try to move on quickly. Get on with life, get home, take the dogs out – basically box it off, and carry on with my day.

It’s worth remembering that training won’t always go to plan. Don't get too excited about a session going really well, and conversely don’t get too down if it doesn’t go to plan – easier said than done!

Chris Rowse - How do you fuel for an event, and what do you drink during the bike stage?

In the lead-in to an event, I try and eat as normally as possible (sometimes challenging when racing overseas), and on race day I have rice and chicken.

40 mins before the race I have an OTE energy bar, and on the bike, I use OTE lemon and lime drink and I’ll have a lemon and lime gel.

Ian Hansford - What sport would you like to do if you weren’t a triathlete?

Footballer, playing in front of a full house at Elland Road!

Mr Woolford - Which of the three disciplines do you need to work harder on?

Run. Specifically run speed as I’m getting on a bit…..

Phil Baggaley – Any tips for fast transitions?

Huub reverse zip, elastic laces and knowing where your transition place is!

Then it’s about your own process (order of doing things) and get plenty of practice. 

Ru McKenna - Which discipline is your least favourite and what motivates/ motivated you to overcome that feeling? What is the best piece of advice you have been given in your career that you will never forget?

I think swimming is my least favourite because it is mostly inside.

Having a good coach, poolside, makes a big difference and also a great squad to swim with.

The best advice I've had is that consistency is key.

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