This season, Tim Wiggins is 'Living with Castelli Cycling'. Throughout the summer he is testing a variety of apparel from the Italian brand, and feeding back on his findings here on the Wiggle Blog. In the second post in the series, he looks at his new favourite - the Castelli Perfetto jersey.


Born from the Gabba legend

European weather, even in the spring and summer, is renowned for being unpredictable. Its changeable nature makes clothing choices a challenge. The Perfetto Light jersey from Castelli is designed for it; the perfect option for warm, yet potentially damp and gale-strewn days.

The Perfetto is born from the same concept as Castelli's legendary Gabba jersey. 'Foul Weather Race Wear'; it is designed to offer close-fitting race performance, but with protection from the elements.

The Gabba took the cycle industry by storm when it was seen during the 2013 Milan-San Remo Classic. The distinctive (then all-black) jersey was used by even non-Castelli sponsored riders; to provide protection from the horrendous sub-zero conditions. Since that race, the Gabba has become a legend; a sell-out product, which other clothing producers have tried to replicate and mimic, with rather limited success.

The Castelli Perfetto Light jersey takes the Gabba technology; a water and wind-resistant fabric, and pares back the insulation level. The result, is a jersey that is close-fitting enough to race in; breathable enough for the summer; but, protective enough for damp early season rides.

For the British springtime, the Castelli Perfetto Light Short Sleeve Jersey has proven perfect.



Tested and rated

As part of my 'Living with Castelli' series, I was lucky enough to receive a Perfetto Light Jersey. Since the moment I pulled its form-fitting cut on, it has become a staple of my riding wardrobe.

The design is simple, yet stunningly effective. Slightly longer length sleeves, an extended rear hem, a high-cut collar and a protective zipper baffle; these are features to seal out the cold and wet, as well as keep in vital body heat. Then, an easy-pull zipper makes regulating temperature and releasing heat simple, and effective.

Of course, the real highlight of the Perfetto jersey, like the Gabba, is the fabric. Castelli use GORE's legendary Windstopper 150 fabric on the front, sleeves and shoulders. The back of the jersey is then made of Castelli's water-resistant Nano Light material; to protect your back and core from chilling rear wheel spray, and downpours. Both the features and the fabric, have proven incredibly effective. Whether it has been cold morning starts, damp evening rides home, or even 6 hour efforts in the cold and rain; the Perfetto has been ideal.

The versatility of the piece really comes from the breathability, and the layering capabilities. The breathability means that even with hard efforts, you remain comfortable; with perspiration allowed to escape. Added versatility comes from the ability to layer underneath the Perfetto; I have used it with just a base layer underneath, as well as a third layer, with a second jersey underneath (actually how the original Gabba was intended to be worn). With this ability to add and remove insulation, as well as ventilate and breathe, the Perfetto is king in changeable weather.

The Perfetto deserves its title. It is perfect for those variable and unpredictable days of spring; and more commonly it seems, summer. It is light, yet protective; insulating, yet adaptable; race-cut, yet comfortable. A great addition to any kit arsenal.

View the Castelli Perfetto Light Short Sleeve Jersey at Wiggle






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View the Castelli Perfetto Light Short Sleeve Jersey at Wiggle


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Published on: 23 May 2016

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