Gore Bike Wear Oxygen Windstopper Jacket

And before we know it, we're deep into winter again. In what seems like the flick of a switch, the nights are colder and much darker, and summer seems a world away.

For many, autumn and winter is a time to put the bike away, and hibernate until the weather turns favourable again in springtime. But for myself, and many others at Wiggle, we're excited about what winter brings; especially the journey of discovery again.

Finding those ideal kit combinations and layering techniques to help keep us warm and dry, in changeable and often extreme conditions, can be a challenge at times; it will also vary for the style and type of riding you do.

Here are some essentials from Gore Bike Wear, which will help get you through the winter months, and into spring in good shape.


Gore Bike Wear Oxygen Partial Thermo Bib tights

Gore Bike Wear Partial Thermo Bib Tights

Breathability and ventilation is great with the Partial Thermo Oxygen Bib Tights. They aren't the thickest bibs I own, but I'd recommend them for temperatures between 6 to 12 degrees - depending on how hard you're riding. Which really caters for most winter weather.

One of my favourite features of these bibs, is the long frontal panels, which face the wind. They have shifted seams away from the key panel sections to help avoid chafing.

They are a simplistic build, with everything is where it needs to be. They have a comfortable chamois, that's not been overworked; the same Oxygen 2 pad and mesh upper section from the bib shorts I wore on my euro trip earlier in the year. I found both these elements super comfortable over multiple long rides.  

I'm a huge fan of the elasticated bottom on these bib tights. They really make for an easy on and off job, which is nice when there's usually so much additional kit and layering to put on for winter.

Other bibs I've tried can be very over-engineered here. Zips can get in the way when you're adding socks and overshoes into the equation: multiple layers of material can collect moisture, and create irritation on the skin; doing away with too many flaps and zips is a good thing.

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Gore Bike Wear Oxygen Windstopper Softshell Jacket

Gore Bike Wear Oxygen Windstopper Jacket

The Gore Bike Wear Oxygen Windstopper Softshell Jacket is a quality garment from Gore; with their usual market-leading construction and fabric choice.

This jacket offers great wind protection on the main centre panels, with Gore Bike Wear's trademark Windstopper material on these sections. The inner material is fleece lined, which feels great against the skin. The jacket's fit also offers further protection with long cuffs on the jersey, and a high neck collar to stop any wind getting in around your head.

The High-Viz version of this Windstopper is ideal for this time of year. Helping you to feel more comfortable on the bike amongst other road users, and giving you the comfort to rip around your favourite routes with your mates.

The middle pocket on the rear of the jacket has a zipped central pocket, which is ideal for valuables. It's a fairly large pocket in the centre. The design helps to keep any weight central. The outer pockets on either side are thinner pockets.

Winter kit can really be abused in foul weather. Gore's quality fabric choices ensure that the jacket will last and continue to perform season after season, through hard rides and lots of washing.

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Gore Bike Wear Oxygen Windstopper Softshell Jacket

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Published on: 20 Dec 2016

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