We all know what mountain biking in the winter means… cold weather, strong winds, usually some rain, and pretty much always lots of mud! That's when you really need to rely on good kit that balances it out, and makes the conditions that bit more bearable. Enter Gore Bike Wear.

I've worn the Power Trail Lady range for the whole 2016 season, and have found it to be well designed, and practical; as well as looking great. Putting it to the test over the colder months has reinforced that belief; my core winter riding kit now includes the Gore Bike Wear Power Trail Lady Windstopper Print Hoody, the Women's Power Trail Shorts, and the Gore Bike Wear Women's Long Sleeve Jersey.



The hoody has been my absolutely favourite piece of riding apparel over the year. The Windstopper fabric keeps the wind off you, and stops you from getting too cold; whilst not being too hot and sweaty. There are some really great features on it too; like the magnet on the back of hood that keeps it flat to your back (and not flapping about behind you like some sort of parachute). I love the slim non-bulky fit, and the pockets that are actually large enough to be useful (i.e. to put a phone in). Finally, I love how when you finally reach the end of the trail / car / cake stop / pub, the jacket looks like a normal jacket, and doesn't scream "MOUNTAIN BIKER!" (I also love how it's not overtly pink or flowery to demonstrate that it’s for women!)


gore power trail lady

I have also enjoyed wearing the GORE Bike Wear Power Trail Lady Shorts. As the weather has got colder, they have become my go-to shorts. Because they are so thin, they layer really nicely over padded shorts and / or tights, without feeling like overkill. They also don't get heavy and uncomfortable when they get wet or covered in mud - a definite winner for winter riding! I was sceptical of these initially, as the side fastening is a bit different; but in fact it simply makes them nicer to wear, as there's nothing to press into your stomach on longer rides.

In summary, I think this is a really solid range of kit from Gore Bike Wear. Utilising some great technology and features, it has consciously been designed to meet the needs of mountain bikers (including those that happen to be women).

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Sarah Pain
Published on: 09 Dec 2016

Wiggle’s marketing category manager Sarah Pain is an avid mountain biker who also races for Team Wiggle. When Sarah’s not busy planning marketing campaigns she’s usually planning her next epic mountain bike adventure.