Gore Bike Wear Winter Accessories

Winter can be hard hitting on your extremities. Things like your hands, feet and head tend to suffer the most in the cold weather. Here are a few items from Gore Bike Wear, which will make your freezing commute or long weekend ride that bit more comfortable.


Gore Bike Wear Thermo Softshell Overshoes

Gore Bike Wear Road Softshell Thermo Overshoes

The first thing to notice for the Gore Bike Wear Road Softshell Thermo Overshoes, is the colour! *ZING!*. They really are bright, which is ideal for this time of year.

Bright shoe covers can be one of the best ways of being noticed out on the open road, because your legs are always moving, and this highlights your movement to others on the road.

In winter, often the core goal for most riders is just to get out and ride whenever possible, which makes these overshoes ideal. They are the easiest shoe covers to put on ever, zero hassle.

Quality fabrics in construction ensures they will last, with abrasion resistant material on the walkable sections to help prolong the product's lifespan. With Windstopper fabrics, combined with a thermo insulating lining; they are super warm and cosy for your feet, even in the coldest of temperatures.

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Gore Bike Wear Xenon 2.0 Softshell Gloves

Gore Bike Wear Xenon 2.0 Softshell Gloves


The Gore Bike Wear Xenon 2.0 Softshell Gloves are dual layered: with a windproof outer, and an inner insulating liner, offering great warmth and protection.

They have a high elastic cuff, which really cleans up the fit when paired with any jacket combination; covering up any areas between the long sleeve jersey and gloves.

They have a slim gel insert on the palm section, to help reduce that road buzz; then a little tab grab detail on the inner side, to make getting them on and off that bit easier.

I've found that lobster claw style gloves that keep the fingers together are the warmest gloves for winter, but they can be very bulky and terrible for road feel. These Xenon gloves are a great versatile glove, and the well-chosen fabrics ensure a non-bulky fit, with the dual layer still keeping my fingers toasty below 6 degrees.

Additionally, they are thin enough to take off and chuck in the rear jersey pocket, if things really heat up.

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Published on: 20 Dec 2016

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