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Gore Running Wear image of run clothing worn by Sara Bailey

A fantastic opportunity to live with a brand

This year I have been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to ‘Live with Gore Running Wear.’ Gore is one of those brands whether it’s running or cycling that you can guarantee good quality. Which is why I was more than happy to trial some of their SS15 products and write about them!

This blog in particular will be about the Gore Running Wear Women's Air Shorts - SS15 and the Gore Running Wear Women's Air Tank Top - SS15


About the brand

The GORE RUNNING WEAR® brand was developed in 1991 following the huge success of their cycling brand GORE BIKE WEAR®. Both brands are a part of W.L Gore & Associates, essentially the company who developed GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER® technologies.

As such, the GORE RUNNING WEAR® brand collection is made up of GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER® products but also incorporates what GORE call GORE SELECTED FABRICS which are highly technical, premium quality textiles that are sourced to make up their jerseys, tights and shorts.

Each product in the GORE RUNNING WEAR® range is required to meet extremely high standards of quality control testing. Each garment, whether it’s a running jersey or pair of shorts needs to be of the same premium quality as their GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER® products as the garments are designed to be worn in what GORE call an ‘Outfit System’ offering head-to-toe and skin-to-shell weather protection and superior comfort regardless of the weather condition

Gore Running Wear Air Tank Top SS15

Whether you’re an elite runner or just a weekend warrior this tank is perfect for anyone partaking in most disciplines but let’s start with the techy parts of the Air Tank Top first:

Because this top is from the Air family they all use the same 3 fabrics which have been selected to offer superior stretch and recovery whilst allowing for outstanding shape retention throughout the garments life (if, like me, you are constantly washing kit on a weekly basis then this is great!) These 3 fabrics are strategically placed or body mapped throughout to allow for improved dry times and moisture management under the arms.

What I love about this tank is how flattering it is… you can get some tanks out there where you literally cannot differentiate between men’s or women’s. You can see from the stitching that it has been synched in in all the right places to keep you looking feminine whilst still maintaining freedom of movement.

Stitching where you can see the top is synched in at the waist

It’s not fluorescent pink HURRAY! It’s a nice subtle purple that goes perfectly with the Gore Running Wear Air Tight (a favourite outfit of mine), it just give any pair of black tights a nice pop of colour.

Fantastic features about this top

Built in bra

More tops in the market need this… I can’t tell you how many female runners I know that have to wear two bras whilst exercising but with this tank, no problem. You could probably get away with not wearing a sports bra with this top but if you would rather then it’s not too tight to be able to. 

Built in bra                 

Dipped hem 

This is perfect for any self-conscious exerciser out there who would like just that little bit more coverage.

Dipped hem provides a little bit more coverage

Mesh panels provide great ventilation

The tank is also surrounded by mesh panels which goes back to Gore’s ‘Strategic Ventilation’ concept. The mesh under the arms and in the built in bra provide great breathability when the going gets tough.

Strategic Ventilation

Added extras ...

The top contains a little pocked on the back for your car or locker keys (just be careful as it is not zipped). Underneath the pocket are 5 lines of reflective dots which will help your visibility should you be out and about when it’s a little darker.

A little pocked on the back for your car or locker keys

Plus there is a reflective Gore label on the side so everybody knows what you’re wearing no matter what time of day it is!

A reflective Gore label

Gore Running Wear Women’s Air Shorts – SS15

These Women's Air Shorts utilise an all way stretch micro polyester woven fabric which allows for a massive reduction in weight when compared to knits for example. This polyester also improves any dry time with an incorporated quick drying finish. In addition this fabric is also chosen for softness to ensure the fabric is as quiet as possible (quite handy when you want to stealthily run past your chosen opponent in a race!)

These are without a doubt one of the comfiest pair of shorts I have worn, so much so they were my chosen pair to run the London Marathon in & I had no trouble with them what so ever.Great technical features

Maximum movement and comfort

The thick, stretchy waistband allows for maximum movement whilst maintaining comfort. 

Stretchy waistband means more comfort and movement

Overlapping panels

Although the Women's Air Shorts are not split shorts, they have overlapping panels at the side, again allowing maximum movement.

Overlapping panels at the side allow maximum movement

Great ventilation

The bottom panel closest to the leg is slightly meshed allowing for more breathability and for sweat to wick away from the skin onto the surface of the fabric.

Mesh construction means improved ventilation

Added extras

Back pocket and reflective logo

Like the tank, the shorts have a nifty zipped pocket at the back of the waistband to keep keys and smaller phones in as well as the reflective gore logo at the bottom of the left leg from improved visibility in those later evenings. These Women's Air Shorts also have built in briefs for that additional comfort.

Back pocket for storage and reflective logo for visibility

Both the tank and shorts have stretchable seems with this zigzag stitching – again this allows maximal movement and comfort combined with flatlock stitching low profile to reduce chaffing or discomfort of seems. These are the sort of attributes from Gore that permit outstanding form fitting garments.

This pair are the prefect addition to my running stash however I also tend to wear them at circuit training & spin classes which just shows whatever your activity you can have the confidence in knowing that these have been created in order to help you perform at your best.

The long and the 'short' of it

To finish the blog I wanted to show a photo of myself wearing the Women's Air Shorts at the Virgin Money London Marathon in April. However the only photo I could find was myself at 19 miles when I found my best friend in the crowd. Apologies for the emotion but the shorts look great!

Apologies for the emotion but the shorts look great!

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