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One of things we love most about dhb? It's genuine. Designed and developed by passionate cyclists, the team spend endless hours ensuring that dhb kit works hard to exceed your expectations.

Every detail, fabric, feature and design, is carefully considered and tested. For the AW16 season, we decided to make our photography more genuine as well. So we found ourselves some real cyclists and runners - who love their sport just as much as we do; and we took them riding in Yorkshire.

You'll be seeing a lot of them this season, so here's a bit more about Caitlin, Will, James, Hannah, Mac and Richard; so you can get to know them better...


What was your favourite bit of kit from the dhb AW16 range?

  • Caitlin: The new dhb blok collection. My honest reasoning? I've never felt so cool. From the jersey to the socks, I felt like a retro cycling goddess.  Also all the bib shorts I wore, were all very comfortable, for women especially. It's always hard finding the right shorts, so I felt very fortunate to be wearing them and not having to pull less attractive faces through discomfort.
  • James: The dhb Aeron stuff is the best - just as comfy as the more expensive brands, and a quality fit.
  • Hannah: This is a tricky one, as I love all the new designs; but in particular, I like the new dhb ASV kit, and the fact that there is colour and pattern on the bib tights!
  • Mac: The dhb Aeron Speed Bib Shorts - I'm very fussy about bib shorts, and these are by far my current favs. I love the snug fit, perfect leg length, pad, and flat lazer cut hems. The fabric feels very comfortable against the skin, and I really like the lightweight, flat straps - I hardly noticed they were there!
  • Richard: On the bike, I really enjoyed the cut and fit of the dhb Aeron jersey - bordering on a race fit, it wore really comfortably as I tackled the intimidatingly steep climbs. The fact that its colourways were a stealth-like midnight blue and black only made me love it more. I was also seriously impressed by the dhb Run Windproof Hooded Jacket - it helped stave off the worst of the coastal winds as we ran along Whitby pier. Despite my best efforts, the dhb team managed to pry both back before I headed back to London.




What was the best shoot location of the week?

  • Caitlin: Definitely riding over the top of the Moors, with every Yorkshire sheep in sight. It was unbelievably picturesque and calming.
  • Will: Hutton-le-Hole on day one of the shoot - such a picturesque little village, with nice tea rooms; followed by a fantastic climb out of the village onto the moors via Blakey Road. It was towards the end of the day, with the sun setting - the light was amazing. 
  • James: Either Runswick Bay or the pub on Blakey Ridge - sea views and sunsets for days.
  • Hannah: I enjoyed having the opportunity to climb Chimney Bank and some other tasty climbs.
  • Mac: It's tough to pick just one location, as they were all so breathtaking! Riding along the top of the moors with the group was the best moment on the bike for me. The North York Moors felt mystical as the mist crept in and it was nice to experience this with new friends.
  • Richard: Riding along the top of the North York Moors was nothing short of breathtaking. As suddenly as a roaming sheep would cross your path, the mist would roll in and reduce my view from miles of rolling vistas to a few metres of black-grey tarmac, disappearing into a cloud of white - but that's what made it special. 



Most memorable moment of the shoot?

  • Caitlin: James's wheel getting stuck on the bridge, our wonderful photographer tripping over the plant pot, and when Hannah lost her train ticket. All, equally amusing.
  • Will: Probably when Rich had a slight mechanical with his pedal, and had to ride downhill with just one pedal...
  • James: Going over that footbridge in Hutton-le-Hole and commenting that the plank slots are pretty big... only for the front wheel to get stuck and smacking my knee against the bars - cue massive purple bruise the next day. Introducing everyone to the wonders of deep fried halloumi.
  • Hannah: Wow there were just so many. A lot of laughs were had that week, and I accumulated a large repertoire of nicknames - trackstand being one of the few I am willing to share.
  • Mac: So many! Singing The Proclaimers in the back of the car driving back from a day of riding. It's incredible how the shared experience of cycling can bring a group of strangers together like that. We were belting it out! Descending at speed, behind the motorbike, as the photographer clicked away. I felt like a pro!
  • Richard: Despite the incredible locations and unique climbs (I'll be heading back that way to take on Chimney Bank again), it was probably sitting down with the rest of the team for lunch and dinner each day. A big part of cycling for me are the stories you collect, and the people you meet along the way; so to have opportunities to re-live that, with the people you experienced it with, is almost always my favourite part of any ride.



Where is your favourite place to ride, when you're not modelling?!

  • Caitlin: My favourite place abroad is Majorca, Spain. The terrain is fantastic for cycling, and you feel like you are riding a James Bond scene. My favourite place in the UK, is around the 7Stanes in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland; where you feel less James Bond, and more Indiana Jones.
  • Will: Either the Peak District, Ayrshire Alps (South Ayrshire) or Mid Wales (Coed y Brenin) on the mountain bike. 
  • James: Of a weekend - the leafy hills of Kent. On special occasions - the mountains of Bormio, Italy.
  • Hannah: Literally anywhere, although my favourite ride to date was the 3 hour climb up Teide in Tenerife.
  • Mac: Kent is a very special place for me. It's where I really learned the art of cycling. It holds so many special memories and I've shared those lanes with some of the greatest people I've met in my life. As soon as the landscape opens up on Layhams lane I always feel emotional, I'm home, I feel alive. 
  • Richard: I live and work in London, so riding in the week tends to be limited to the commute to work or early morning laps of Regent's Park. Come the weekend, I love heading south into Kent and Surrey. There are some fantastic lanes out towards Shoreham and Royal Tunbridge Wells, including Knatts Valley which is a joy to ride through at this time of year. 



Are you training for anything at the moment?

  • Caitlin: At the moment I've moved away from the elite stuff, and am training for ultra back to back IRONMAN events and the London Marathon 2017. Therefore equipment is key - I'm fortunate to find comfort in dhb kit.
  • Will: I'm road racing at the moment; however the cyclocross season is fast approaching, so I'm focusing on that now; plus the Hill Climb season. Basically just lots of pain...
  • James: Just finished training for my LEJOG attempt - kicking off the real thing soon: 1000 miles over 8 days, can't wait!
  • Hannah: I am finally starting my race season, after injury and have some triathlons out in France in the French Grand Prix, as well as some races in the UK.
  • Mac: I ride an evening Team Time Trial with a group of friends, my training and my end goal are here. I feel there is always something to learn, ways to improve.
  • Richard: Next weekend I'm making a return in the North and riding from the East to the West coast of England. We're looking at a bit more than 400km with more than 6,000m of up and, thanks to the dhb shoot, I'm now all too aware of exactly the kind of up I'll be dealing with...I've also got one or two sprint triathlons planned.

Check out the latest dhb range at Wiggle, here







Check out the latest dhb range at Wiggle, here

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