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image of Guillaume running in mountains

Hi, I am Guillaume Hemery, recently joined Wiggle as Country Manager for France, the role is to help French customers understand Wiggle is the best choice when it comes to cycling, running and swimming and I am thrilled by this exciting challenge. I have been working in this industry for a few years now in France and Germany but never get tired of it. I guess that’s normal when you are passionate about the products you sell.

I have indeed always been passionate about sports and the outdoors. Really happy with the simple pleasure of enjoying a beautiful morning spring, smelling the pines trees scent, hearing birds singing and looking forward for the approaching entrecote frites and mousse au chocolat at the end of the ride. To burn this mousse au chocolat I tend to do triathlons and even more Cross Triathlon where the excitement of racing meet the joy of being in the Outdoors.

In a less sophisticated way my adventure can easily be summarised in 3 parts:

The Swim

You know this feeling of waking up at 6:00 am and heading to your local pool for a nice one hour session, yes it hurts to think about it but it’s also so nice when it’s done. Swimming is my favourite discipline in Triathlon. I really like open water swim where you switch off the brain and go into the “fish mode” without eating too many shrimps or drinking half the ocean.

Guillaume swimming in a triathlon race

The Bike

Like many of us Wigglers I am also a keen cyclists and never say no to a nice Wiggle Sportive or any alpine challenge be it tackling the Alpe d’Huez with some friends a MTB trip trough the Dolomites or tasting the cobbles of the Hell of the North…The only prerequisite is that all alpine challenge should involve at some point a nice Beaufort, Comte or any other local cheese, yes don’t forget I am French ;)

Picture of Guillaume's BMC road bike in beautiful countryside

The Run

Running more, running higher, running faster but running where and running why? Yes I know I am no Shakespeare and this question will not stay in history books but it seems that cool things in life are often the one that cannot be explained so let’s run ;)

Image of Guillaume running in a triathlon race

The Transition

That is basically what takes part between swimming, cycling and running and can also be called life ;) Then I do not really focus on speed there but quality, challenge and enjoyment.

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