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Running; it's great for the mind, body and soul. But of course, there are plenty of little things that really wind up runners, things that leave you muttering under your breath. We asked you to name your biggest pet peeves; the most annoying things to happen when running. Turns out, we all have a lot in common.

Oh crap

If you haven't experienced this situation then I envy you.

Needing a poo ten minutes in, despite having sat on the loo for half an hour beforehand

Did a loop of my housing estate thinking 5 - 10 mins 'warm' up should get it all moving... the bowels knew it was a trick and waited. On my usual commute home I have 3 secret spots for a wild stop if required.

The 376 wees you have just before a race, yet you still need to go again just before it starts.

Right of way

One of the most common pet peeves when running is pavement hoggers...

People who don't move out of your way even though they can see/hear you coming

Pedestrians who can't walk in a straight line, people getting off buses looking one way and walking in the opposite direction, crazy dogs not on leads, electric scooters, family cycling ride on the pavement...

Trip wires

DOG WALKERS LISTEN UP. No matter how much we love dogs, as runners we hate:

Dog walkers using dog leads as trip wires across the entire width of the pavement.

Music mishaps

Some people run with music on every run, some use the tunes as a little extra oomph when they really aren't feeling going. But even listening to music has its ups and downs, these are real #RunnersProblems

Blue tooth headphones cutting in and out...

When your music isn't in sync with your stride.

Laundry day

Sometimes you get ready in a rush, you just want to get out the door and run. Sometimes all your best gear is still in the wash and sometimes this causes:

Knickers slowly riding up my butt until my eyes water but being surrounded by people and unable to do anything.

Time to run

It's a classic: if it's not on Strava, did it even happen?

Having your watch battery die one mile in.

On one of my long watch not only paused the activity but somehow then discarded it meaning i just had to guess how much further I had left!

Not doing the nod

Running is such a great social sport and all the good endorphins make you feel on top of the world. And for the most part we're a friendly bunch, but there's always a few...

Ignorant runners... it’s free to say hi, hello, morning evening... just an acknowledgement would be fine.

When other runners don’t acknowledge you or say anything rude! In my head I tell myself well they are not a proper runner are they.

More most annoying things when running

If you have been able to easily relate to any of these annoying things to happen when running, we think you'll have a proper giggle at some of the other comments on this post.

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