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The countdown has begun

With only a month to go until the Mountain Mayhem 24 hour MTB race, the Wiggle girls are stepping up their training!

Girls meet up for a mountain bike ride

First things first, and that’s a change in the team; Kate (Wiggle’s Customer Marketing Manager) has valiantly stepped in to fill Emma’s shoes. Armed with a new bike – a very lovely GT Avalanche Elite – and oodles of enthusiasm, Kate’s a great addition to the team.

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For training everyone has been ramping up the miles on road and mountain bikes, and they all got together recently for a training day at Wiggle’s local trail centre. Fortunately it was a lovely sunny, dry day, so the trails were in perfect condition!

The team started off with a gentle lap of the blue trail which took in a steady switchback climb – great for practicing technique – before some great singletrack through the woods. Everyone was riding really nicely and the numerous roots that can catch you out were well and truly tamed. The trail ends with a great descent through the woods with some great corners – again a really good opportunity to practice and get used to new bikes!

After the blue trail they had a quick chat about descending technique (staying loose on the bike, looking ahead, covering the brakes, pedals level and out of the saddle with weight back an appropriate amount) before practicing on some nice rollers. And the pre-lunch finale…. the red trail climb! A steep-in-places, rooty and fairly long climb this is a good test for any level of rider – a challenge for beginners to clear the roots, and a challenge for more experienced riders to get up in a good time without putting a foot down!

image of woman riding mountain bike - looking happy

The afternoons activities centred around the full red trail which Sarah, Claire and Kerry tackled. Starting off with a repeat of the morning’s climb, the trail then turns into some fast and flowy singletrack through the wood before climbing again – this time a complete lung-buster. Fortunately everyone was on top form and was soon stood at the top of the first bermed descent. The chalky base can be really slippery in the wet, but the conditions were perfect and the berms were riding really nicely. Wanting to perfect technique rather than trophy-hunt (on this occasion!), speed made way for control as all three riders rode down perfectly.

Split pic of mountain bike cornering

Before long it was back to base – one slight tumble on the last descent had provided a bit of drama, with fortunately no lasting damage to rider or bike! More (training, not tumbles!) to follow over the next few weeks…..!

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Published on: 25 May 2015

Wiggle’s marketing category manager Sarah Pain is an avid mountain biker who also races for Team Wiggle. When Sarah’s not busy planning marketing campaigns she’s usually planning her next epic mountain bike adventure.