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My Run Shoe Finder

Wiggle has launched an industry-first running and trail shoe tool, My Run Shoe Finder, allowing customers to replicate an in-store assessment virtually.

Guiding you through a series of biomechanical tests, the online tool is the first to help you find the running shoes from different brands for your unique needs.

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The tool was jointly developed by leading biomechanical expert and running specialist, Richard Felton-Thomas, alongside running experts at Wiggle.

My Run Shoe Finder

It includes easy-to-follow assessments of ankle mobility, foot rotation, hip flexibility, and more, resulting in a bespoke range of shoes tailored to your running style and physiology.

The right running shoes can help increase comfort, reduce injuries, and give you the edge to reach your next goal.

While some virtual assessments exist, Wiggle’s My Run Shoe Finder is the first to compare running trainers across different brands, including Hoka, New Balance, Adidas, Asics, Mizuno and Saucony.

It’s also unique in providing a dedicated trail shoe segment.

Along with some supplementary questions, My Run Show Finder uses four main tests with multiple choice answers to establish your running needs. Each of these can be carried out anywhere, although a mirror and a straight edge can help you to provide accurate answers.

Once you’ve completed the tests, you’ll be presented with a range of run shoes that are best suited to how you run. It’s that easy. And, along with a great selection of suitable shoes, you’ll also get some valuable feedback on your running style that could help you improve your technique.

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