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My name is Martin and I’m the Triathlon Buying Manager at Wiggle. I think it’s fair to say I’m a dedicated triathlete having raced in Triathlons for the past 5 years representing Team Wiggle, all the way from London to Taiwan. Using the right equipment is key for performance and comfort, something you find out very quickly when you get it wrong.

A wetsuit is a triathlete’s best friend, it will either help you to be more buoyant in the water and/or turn you into a hydrodynamic machine. Be sure to check the thickness levels of the suit panels, thicker and you’ll be more buoyant, perfect for the sinkers. If you’re a stronger swimmer, go thinner. A good wetsuit should fit you like a second skin, remember to use lubricant to prevent rubbing and decrease removal time.

Up top, a lightweight helmet will keep you cool when racing, going aero will shave off the seconds but comfort is key. I race in the Kask Infinity, its slot on the front allows you to go full aero or let in the air.

I’m my opinion, choosing the right tri suit is the most important decision you will make when it comes to kit. You’ll be wearing this throughout the 3 disciplines so you need to be comfortable in a full range of movements. The 3 main options are 2 piece suits, sleeveless or, something becoming more common and my personal preference, sleeved suits. When choosing, ensure the chamois isn’t restrictive and drains quickly. No one wants to ride or run with a saturated chamois!

Tri shoes will provide you with a quick transition and won’t hold in the water, if you plan on not wearing socks then check the padding.

Googles now come in a wide variety of lens types, shapes and sizes. Pick the right tool for the job, larger goggles are more suited to open water while polarized lenses reduce glare in direct sunlight. Smaller lightweight goggles are best for the pool but again, comfort is key.

Accessories are not to be overlooked, be sure to invest in a race belt, elastic laces, transition bag, GPS watch & sunglasses, all will make race day easier!

See what I have in my kit bag below: 



Bikes and Components

Training is something I take very seriously, especially in the lead up to an event. Take a look at what my weekly training routine looks like below for an extra bit of inspiration. 



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Martin McKinlay
Published on: 03 Aug 2017

Marty is an Age Group Triathlete and Club Runner. He also enjoys the odd bike race, be it crit or 24hr.