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Been dreaming of New Bike Day and planning your n+1? Vitus have a whole lot of stock dropping including new 2022 models. Here's what and when you can expect the bikes to drop...

New Bike Day is like a birthday, Christmas, a holiday and a tub of your favourite chocolates all rolled into one. The excitement of opening the box to a fresh, shiny, beautiful new ride can be hard to describe but something all cycling enthusiasts look forward to, knowing that new adventures are just around the corner.

We know that the cycling industry as a whole saw some difficulties in 2021 with the availability of bikes and getting them to new owners promptly. To meet the demand, Vitus have got lots of extra stock of their 2021 bikes arriving imminently. So if you've been waiting to order your new ride, now is the time. This availability means you can get out and about ASAP... which is what we all want to see. 

Following this, new 2022 colour and spec Vitus bikes will be dropping from March onwards as well as a whole new frame for the Vitus Escarpe - which we CANNOT WAIT TO SEE!

The Escarpe has undergone hundreds and hundreds of hours of redesign and vigorous testing and will be ready to shred in April. We highly recommend keeping an eye on the Vitus Stock Availability page for updates on when these beauties will be available to buy.

Plan your n+1


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