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2022 was going to be the year. After 22 months of dashed plans, disruption and worse, there was hope the next 12 could be the release we’ve all long hoped for.

December and January seem to have had other ideas, however.

It’s probably for the best that we all just give up and box-set ourselves into oblivion.


We could keep going, dammit.

An Obstical a day...

No Fate

Yes, our training plans may have hit an obstacle, and yes, the pandemic continues to be a pretty big obstacle, but fitness lovers have a well-developed knack for turning obstacles into fuel.

We’ve named our January campaign No Fate because achieving our ambitions for this year – no matter how big, small, or fluid - is a choice that only we have the power to make or break.

This January and February, support and motivation will feature across all our social channels from those doing what they can to crush the obstacles before them.

From unofficial 5k record holder Beth Potter’s top tips on busting your PB, to Team Spectra Wiggle’s thoughts on the winning mentality, we have enough inspirational content to see you through.

When it comes to fitness, we’re accountable only to ourselves. So, we encourage you to keep doing whatever it is that keeps you sharp, even if that’s well-earned rest.

You never know, this year could still be the year. Be ready.

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