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Meet Lizzy from nunn

I have been involved with nuun, since the very beginning when it was invented 12 years ago, whilst I was training and living in Vermont, USA for the Lake Placid Ironman. Back then electrotype tabs didn't exist as a way of staying optimally hydrated on the go. A category was started and nuun was born. Its been amazing to see this brand grow and I now run our UK nuun office in Bath, UK but I live in Seattle, USA. I still feel passionate about our brand, our fun team and about selling a product that allows people to get out there and enjoy doing what they love while staying hydrated!

Lizzy Baillie ... nunn team

In a market space dominated by high sugar, high calorie, so called “sports” drinks nuun stands apart from the rest. nuun is the original sugar-free, minimal calorie electrolyte hydration tablet. Featuring a range of 8 creative flavours including 2 caffeinated flavours (kona cola and cherry limeade) all available on Wiggle. People that try nuun tend to really like it, as the flavours are tasty but not too overpowering or sickly. In turn, this means you can consume lots of water without getting tired of the taste or feeling sick.

nuun invented the electrolyte replacement tablet over 10 years ago and have focused on keeping athletes hydrated ever since! nuun is sugar and carbohydrate free, meaning you don’t add unnecessary carbs on a short training activity and you can retain absolute control over your fuelling when training or competing. One nuun tube has enough tabs to make twelve 16oz (500ml) hydration drinks.  

Made by athletes for athletes

Importantly, nuun is made by athletes for athletes, therefore we pride ourselves on understanding what a sportsperson is really needing in terms of hydration. nuun has always had a particular affinity with road cycling but it is in no way limited to just one sport. nuun specializes in keeping all levels and all types of athletes optimally hydrated; from rugby players to yoga specialists. It all comes down to the simple fact that, in order to stay hydrated and negate the effects of dehydration it is vital to replace the essential electrolytes that you loose when you sweat no matter what your sport.

Great tasting hydration

Using nuun is as easy as tying your running shoes, maybe easier. Just drop a single tab of your favourite flavour in your water bottle (500ml recommended) and wait approximately two minutes for it to dissolve. No messy powders, no stickiness, just a nice tasting hydration drink. You are then ready to run, swim, cycle, climb, row, ski to your next personal sporting goal in the knowledge that your hydration is taken care of.

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