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For multiple-time Olympic gold medal-winning track sprinter Jason Kenny, it's not all about the bike. The gym plays a vital role in building that explosive power. 

'The gym’s really important. I think, if you just train what you want to get good at, you’ll very quickly get to a level and find that getting better is really difficult,' says Jason. 'The gym is one of those supporting things that you can put in to just kind of boost your strength and your conditioning to hopefully push you on and go a bit quicker. It’s also quite good for general health and injury prevention because what we do is very much in one position on the bike, so it’s good to get in the gym and do the complete opposite and reset.'

Wiggle joined Jason in the gym so that he could show us some of his key lifts and stretches. For Jason, 'the gym’s all about supporting the bike' and he generally spends half an hour two to three times a week on his workout. He believes the key thing in training is that everything you do should have a purpose; 'It doesn’t really matter what you can squat, it’s about how it transfers to the bike, so just try to make sure that everything transfers to what it is that you want to be good at.'

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