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Osprey Poco

As a seven-time British National Downhill Champion and three-time Enduro World Series champion (among others), Tracy Moseley is used to life on the edge.

And as a wife and mother, there’s little that will slow her down.

For downhill riders, the right kit plays a huge part in success, and it’s no less true for active mums.

For Tracy, the Osprey Poco has played its part in helping her and her family continue their active lifestyle within the restrictions in place to slow the spread of Covid-19.

It’s provided that valuable means of “escape”, helping them continue to enjoy the outdoors, and it’s something she believes could benefit more parents as she tries to keep herself and her son Toby active as best she can.

We caught up with Tracy for a chat about the Osprey Poco, to find out how it’s helped her and how the Poco could help you.

How useful have you found the Osprey Poco given the current situation?

Getting outside, just in my local area, has been such a huge part of keeping sane and active; and also important in keeping a two-year-old entertained!

Toby now loves to ride his wobble bike and walk a little, but having the Poco with us too enables us to go a bit further or stay out for longer as he can get a lift for a bit in the backpack or even have a sleep if its nap time.

Where do you take the Poco?

Before coronavirus, we have taken the Poco everywhere with us. It’s done two summers of camper van trips and with me working and racing at bike races in Europe - it’s been on the plane with us and on all our family holidays. It’s always packed up ready just to take with us when needed. Now it’s on walks from home which are nice too.

What does it make possible that would have been impossible without it?

We are able to walk further and for longer having the Poco with us and it means I can take Toby on my own and carry all the gear we need without a separate bag.

What does your typical list of pack contents look like?

Lunch or snacks depending on how long we are out; Peter Rabbit, the must have comforter or teddy; a change of clothes for Toby; and wet weather gear for him and me; drinks for us; a few toys; and the all essential nappy change bag!

What are the benefits for you, in terms of continuing your training and fitness?

It’s been great cross-training, as walking has never been a big part of my training or exercise until I had Toby, and now we walk loads more as, from the early days, it was my only escape for a while! Now we love it as a family activity and although he is getting bigger, it’s quite a good strength work out too.

How much does your child enjoy the experience?

Osprey Poco

Toby has loved the Poco right from the start; I think he gets a great view at all times and knows he always going on an adventure to see new stuff. One of his first words was “backpack!”.

How adjustable is it – will it be comfortable for all?

It has a big range of adjustability. I use it on XS setting and my husband on medium, so still some room for big guys there for sure…

What are some of the best features of the Poco?

The sunshade has been something we have used loads as it’s super easy to put up and we have also used it with no sunshine but to create a nice place for Toby to have a nap, with some cover and side support. The rain cover is also amazing as we have been out in some really grotty weather and he is super warm and dry and happy as can be in there!

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