Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL MultiSport GPS Watch

The latest update for the Wahoo ELEMNT Rival allows users to sync workout plans with TrainingPeaks, control music and more. We take a closer look at the new features.

Synchronize your workouts with TrainingPeaks integration

Whether you run, swim, cycle or you do all three, the new ELEMNT Rival update means you can sync your weekly workout plan directly to your wrist. There are also twelve pre-built Wahoo Sports Science workouts ready for you to take on.

Keep on track of your intervals as you train thanks to automated alerts. You'll even see the on-screen dial change colour to indicate at a glance if you're on target, above or below for watts, heart rate or pace. 

Control your Wahoo KICKR Headwind from your wrist

If you have a Wahoo KICKR Headwind Smart Fan, you can now control it from your ELEMNT Rival. This will come as a welcome feature for anyone who's previously been enjoying the Headwind connected to the Wahoo KICKR turbo trainer because it lets you automate fan speed whatever workout you're doing. 

Set your fan speed to change with your speed or as your heart rate increases and decreases. If you want to stay in control, you'll also be able to turn the fan up or down from the watch. 

Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL MultiSport GPS Watch

iOS Music control

Apple users can now control their music on any iOS device directly from their ELEMNT Rival watch. No more getting your iPhone in and out of your pocket while you run!

Sync up your iOS device to your watch to play, skip, pause and adjust volume from your wrist. 

Track running metrics

Thanks to the latest update, track runners can enjoy accurate distance and pace metrics on a 400m track. If you press the lap button during a track session, the watch will snap intervals to the nearest 100m. 

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