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If you're gearing up to a big running event like a marathon, half marathon or 10K, finding a training partner can keep you both on the straight and narrow and make training more fun. Asics Frontrunner Curtis Broadhead explains more.

Sure, every now and again you can just head out on your planned training session and be satisfied that by the end you will have achieved your goals for that session. But is that really the best way to train?

What if I told you that training with someone is one of the most beneficial things I have ever done? Now, I appreciate that the logistics may be difficult. Everyone has very busy lives and if you are not a part-time or full-time athlete, it may mean that it is not always possible to train with someone.

However, for me, training with others helps me to not only push myself but also ensure that my training is sociable and not a lonely exercise.

Here's how you can get social on your next run:

Run clubs

Run clubs are a great way to become a better athlete. Committing to run on specific days will help you to stay motivated to ger out, particularly when you really don't want to.

You are all going to run at a set pace and a set distance. You are all likely to find it hard but you know it will be rewarding when you have done it.

I know from my run club (Hyde Park Harriers) that when runners step up to the next group, they are likely to find the new pace and overall distance difficult. So when you are halfway into a session and there is someone that is struggling to keep up, a few positive words and encouragement can go along way for that runner and lets them have the satisfaction for working hard.

We can all relate to finding a session hard and a few positive words of encouragement can get you through it. 

Group rides

Training on a bike on your own can be challenging to say the least, particularly when you want to push yourself. External factors like headwinds, crosswinds, traffic, wayward pedestrians and fatigue can make it easy to feel demotivated and drop the pace.

For me, cycling with others means that when the going gets tough we can push each other on. By forming a 'Chain gang' - taking turns at the front and drafting behind the leader - you are going to maximise the pace and distance whilst having a balanced ratio of effort and rest. 

Track Sessions

Track sessions are never easy and they can make or break you. You are pushing your anaerobic respiration and muscles to the max. Think back - I'm sure you've had moments when you have turned up to the track and thought "this is going to be hard - I don't want to do it." 

Training with someone can bolster the session. The best thing is that you don't have the be the same speed (but if you are, that can help). All it comes down to is setting markers for yourself to know if you are achieving your goals. For example, when one finishes, another starts. Working in tandem can ensure that you are not slacking off and most importantly supporting one another when your body is screaming at you to stop.

Having a training partner has taken my training take to a whole new level. Don't get me wrong, having a bit of downtime in your training can be useful, but ultimately, with a partner, you are going to enjoy your training more, and get more out of it. 

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Words courtesy of Asics Frontrunner Curtis Broadhead