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Any regular cyclist knows that having the right bib shorts can be the difference between a great ride and a ride you'd rather forget. It's the single most important piece in your cycling wardrobe.

Here at Wiggle, we've witnessed countless innovations and refinements to bib short design. Leading brands are continually tweaking and updating their designs to deliver the highest level of comfort to riders at all levels.

This year, GORE Wear have reimagined their top-level shorts to create their most comfortable range yet. The C7 Bib Shorts feature a new central torso architecture which allows the pad to work with your movement. 

Fabian Cancellara in Gore Wear C7 bib shorts

Last summer, we were invited by GORE Wear to preview the new C7 bib shorts. We were expecting more refinement to their Windstopper TM seat pad - that little bit of magic that stops your delicate region from feeling the elements on mountain descents, or cold windy days whilst remaining breathable in warm weather - and we got it.

We weren't expecting to be presented with a whole new concept in the actual fit of the short.

The Central Torso Architecture, Gore Wear

GORE Wear calls this innovation their ‘Central Torso Architecture.’ Everything is built around the pad so the focus turns to connection with the body first and foremost. The pad is designed to fit in an unrestricted way, working independently to the rest of the shorts. 

The GORE Wear engineers worked extensively in the lab developing the concept. Brand ambassador and all-around cycling hero Fabian Cancellara was on hand to offer his expertise. He certainly knows a thing or two about long days in the saddle, whether that's riding over rough Belgian cobbles or tucked into the aero position for time trial efforts.

The initial phase of testing required the Olympic gold medal winner to ride in what was essentially a mankini with a bib pad. The point, which you may be able to visualise a little too graphically? Start with the pad and work around that. 

Gore Wear C7 shorts design

The pad and the bib straps are designed to move in harmony with the rider with each pedal stroke. The short construction works independently to the pad for complete freedom in movement. This approach has allowed the GORE Wear developers to design the rest of the short specific to the needs of the different kinds of riders.

All three options share a minimalist design with as few seams as possible and are constructed from the high-performance high-tech fabrics that GORE Wear is famous for.

GORE Wear bib shorts

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GORE Wear new short construction

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