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When you’re looking for a source of calories on a long ride, you want something convenient, that fits snugly in the jersey pocket and, as far as possible, tastes pretty good.

It’s for all these reasons, and a few more, why Soreen has proven popular with riders for years.

Even those in UCI Tour winning teams.

The malt loaf makers have joined the sponsor roster at the Canyon dhb p/b team following their hugely successful 2019.

But the doughy treat won't just be another decal on the jersey - it’s also a favourite go-to tool for the team.

We caught up with some of Canyon dhb p/b Soreen’s big names to learn a little about why it’s so popular among cyclists, and how they use it when getting ready to race.

Tom Stewart

Winner of the First Lincoln Grand Prix in 2019 and former Tour de Normandie Champion, Tom is a sucker for Soreen, which he describes as "frustratingly moreish". 

"I use it in training, especially for the longer winter miles, and on hikes, days out, and picnics. 

"It's very convenient. The snack bars are great but I won’t lie, on a longer day out I’ll often just take a full loaf and slowly work my way through that throughout the ride.

"The taste is great and the banana one is frustratingly moreish. It rarely survives long in the cupboard.

"It's a great steady release of energy. On a long ride or hike I’ll have a mouthful every half hour or so and that’s my energy taken care of.

"I love the chewy nature of it. It makes you feel like you’ve eaten something hearty and solid rather than a sugary bar that just spikes your levels.

"Definitely my go-to food for any outdoor activity. Kind of like a badly kept secret within the outdoor community. I'm loving the new flavours too, but you can’t beat the original for versatility.

"It can be had on its own, with something sweet like nutella or speculoos, or with a nice bit of cheddar. Bloody marvellous!"

Rob Scott

The 2018 U23 National RR Champ and runner up in the 2019 U23 Gent Wevelgem, Rob says he uses it as a change to the normal energy gels. 

"I use Soreen as ride food on the bike usually. But it’s also nice to have as a snack if I’m feeling hungry throughout the day. Much more healthy than a chocolate bar!

"The small bite size bars are perfect for rides. If I’m going on a long day out however, I’ll take a full loaf out with me. You have to keep the fire fuelled!

"The taste is lovely. It’s nice to have a great selection of flavours. My favourites are the original and banana flavour. It’s a nice change to have on the bike when you normally have energy gels or bars. Tastes much nicer too."

Alex Paton

The Tour of Britain sprints classification champion uses Soreen while out training and racing, and mixes it with other sports nutrition.

"When at home the sliced loaves are amazing with a bit of butter. Its amazing for its simplicity. With sliced or whole loaves and snack bars, every option is covered.

"It's a great taste; my favourite is the banana loaf. Original is close, but the banana's extra sweetness and extra squidgyness wins me over. 

"Just looking at the nutritional values on the packet shows that Soreen contains not only a good level of energy, but in a useful form that will allow for sustained exercise and help fuel the body to work at its best. 

"For me personally it is the simplicity of having a quality product that does exactly what you want without being full of chemicals or artificial ingredients.

"It's great tasting and allows me to train and race knowing I have the fuel to do my best." 

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