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This year dhb made a return to the pro peloton becoming the official kit supplier of the Canyon Eisberg team. The team's input has been instrumental is perfecting the brand's new Aeron LAB range. Aeron LAB takes the popular Aeron range to a new level, breaking new ground for dhb. LAB is set apart through the use of innovative technologies, new industry-leading fabric partners and a relentless attention to detail.

We caught up with Canyon Eisberg rider, James Lowsley-Williams on his favourite kit, as well as his top tips.   

How would you describe the Aeron LAB range in 3 words?

Technical, professional, perfect-fit.

What’s the most important thing you look for in a pair of shorts?

Comfort. The dhb Aeron Lab Raceline Bib Short give you just that. The chamois is super-comfy and makes long rides in the saddle a lot more enjoyable. The other great thing about the dhb Aeron Lab Raceline Bib Short is the grippers. The grippers are built into the shorts and stop any sliding so you won’t find your shorts riding up at any moment. And to top it off they are incredibly aerodynamically efficient. 

What’s your absolute must-have piece of summer kit?

A pair of nice white socks ! Nothing like heading out in the sun with a brand new pair of socks.

What’s your favourite product in the Aeron LAB range, and why?

My favourite piece of kit in the range is the speed suit. It rolls comfort and aerodynamic performance all in to one, so there is no danger in wasting watts when racing while staying comfortable in long races ! 

Highlight from the shoot in Majorca?

The highlight of the shoot for me, apart from meeting some awesome people, was getting to try out some epic kit in a cyclists paradise ! 

Favourite place to ride in the UK?

It’s got to be my home county of the Cotswolds, nothing beats it !  

What is your aim for this season?

My aim is to get my hands up in the air as many times as possible. We have got a fantastic team and some incredible sponsors, so winning races is the aim.

3 bits of advice for budding racers?

Go out and enjoy it, train hard and race easy. But most importantly enjoy riding your bike.

Do you always have a race plan, or do you often wing it on the day?

No. We always go out with a plan, but there are so many variables in racing so there is a lot of thinking on your feet involved. You have to be ready to adapt.

What’s a raceday breakfast?

Porridge with blueberries and honey.

Turbo session or the great outdoors?

Great outdoors 100%, nothing like being in the fresh air!! 


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