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"Organising to the nth degree is something that helps me to personally deal with all kinds of challenges, in sport and life in general. The KitBrix slogan "No fuss. Just organised kit" instantly appealed."

In this staff review, Tim Wiggins gives his feedback on the KitBrix kit bags...


The concept

The idea behind KitBrix bags is simple: 'Keep it simple. Keep it safe. Everything in its place'.

These are robust, hard-bottomed, water-resistant kit bags; which zip together to create a system that is as large or as small as you require for your chosen pursuit.

For the triathlete, it could be three bags - one for each sport.

For the cyclist, it might be 1-2 bags - one for race kit, one for nutrition and spares.

For the soigneur, it could be no end of packs - one for medic duties, one for tools, one for nutrition…

Zip them together, and you have one unit.

Everything in its place, but everything in one place.



The delivery

The moment you take a KitBrix bag from its packaging, it impresses. Robust in feel, and rugged in looks.

Slot in your chosen plate, for the selected bag's duties (you can get custom ones, too). Then, you are ready to get organised…

I have used mine for swim kit, run kit, road cycling and mountain biking kit. It has also been deployed for carrying tools, cameras, laptops, and gigantic lunches!

The waterproof design and solid base make them a superb protective environment, for any kit that you need to transport.

You might have spotted them in use on some of my 2017 challenges, like the my 'Mavic Everesting' back in June.


If you are after the ultimate adaptable kit organisation bag; which you can carry as a rucksack, sling bag, holdall or carry-on, then KitBrix is the ultimate every-day-carry.

Check out the KitBrix range at Wiggle


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Tim Wiggins
Published on: 22 Nov 2017

Tim Wiggins is an avid cyclist, involved in all aspects of the sport. Whether it is mountain bike marathons, or 500km road rides... he loves life on two wheels. He is also a keen trail runner in the off-season!