• garmin
    I wore the Garmin Forerunner® 965 for one month - here's what I thought
    01 Mar 2023 / Gabriella Burden
    The Garmin Forerunner® 965 is the latest and greatest high-end sports watch from Garmin packed with the best training insights for running and triathlon. As someone who has been testing the watch for the past month, I can vouch for its impressive features. New screen One of the most striking features of the Forerunner 965 is its brand new...
  • Asics Gel Nimbus 25
    Running in the new Asics Gel Nimbus 25
    01 Feb 2023 / Gabriella Burden
    The latest (and very different!) iteration of the popular Gel Nimbus running shoe from Asics has landed. The shoe is dubbed to be their 'most comfortable shoe ever'. So I put it to the test... Look and Feel From the moment you set eyes on the Asics Gel Nimbus 25, you can see a completely different design to the previous version. This is...
  • running shoes
    Adidas Shoe Range - Which Shoes Are Right For You?
    24 Oct 2022 / Gabriella Burden
    There are a lot of shoes in the adidas running range and it can be hard to know which pair to invest in. We break down the details of each running shoe, explaining what features to look out for and ultimately helping you to decide which shoes are right for you. Some are great over short distances, some are better for long distances, some are great...
  • run
    adidas Boston 11 / Strava Speed Challenge
    01 Sep 2022
    Ready to complete our Strava Streak Challenge over the next three weeks? And improve your pace as you go? Whether you're looking to improve your 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon PB, we've got easy-to-follow training sessions for you that will help your smash your running goals. Join the Strava Challenge Tempo training Tempo explained...
  • run
    'I learnt I can do hard things!' - Seasoned road runner tackles the Serpent Trail race
    28 Jul 2022
    How do you transition from road running to trail running? Founder of Black Girls Do Run Tasha Thompson shares her journey from lifelong road runner to conquering the Serpent Trail with Salomon. How I got into trail running In 1999 I fell in love with road running and racing but none of my friends felt the same so I was a lone ranger for most of my...
  • Best Running Hydration Vests 2023
    25 Jul 2022 / Gabriella Burden
    You don't need to be running an ultra-marathon to use a hydration vest - if you run, hydration on the go (especially during a heatwave) is important. Plus with extra pockets, hydration vests also make carrying your valuables (phone, key, that pack of tissues - just in case) easy too, meaning you can run hands-free. But which hydration vest is...
  • run
    What is the best energy source for running?
    30 Jun 2022
    What's the best fuel for runners that will provide sustained energy so you don't suffer from the dreaded 'bonk?' We asked the experts at HIGH5 Sports Nutrition. HIGH5’s Slow Release Energy Range is the latest innovation in endurance nutrition. It provides you with a more sustained and durable source of energy, without the...
  • run
    How to prepare for a virtual marathon
    30 Jun 2022
    With the Virgin Money London Marathon moving virtually this year along with many others, it’s important to think about how this affects race preparation and running. HIGH5 share their secrets for success. From creating your own rules and route to inviting family and friends along for support, running a virtual marathon has its advantages...
  • Everything you need to know about Isotonic Sports Drinks
    30 Jun 2022
    There are a lot of sports drinks out there and we get that it can be tough to choose the right one for you, as well as understand what each one does and how it helps you and your performance. One word that comes up a lot in the sports world is ‘isotonic’ so we reached out to HIGH5 Sports Nutrition to give you everything you need to...
  • hydration
    Why is hydration important in sport
    30 Jun 2022 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Hydration is talked about a lot in sport and exercise performance, but what do you actually need to know? Why is it so important to keep yourself hydrated? Shop HIGH5 hydration at Wiggle On average, you gain and lose around 2.5L of water every day. This number varies from person to person, and it increases significantly when you exercise as you...