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Pic of Sarah in Moab

Entering the Brighton 10K

Ok, so I’m going to come out and admit it. My name’s Sarah and I am not really a runner.

I am surrounded by colleagues who are really amazing athletes, running in all weathers, running marathons, trail running through mud, you name it. It’s great and I hugely admire them, but the Great South Run about 6 years ago pretty much convinced me that two-wheeled endeavours were the way forward. I like riding my bike, I’m good at it, and I can cope with the general pain / enjoyment balance. In contrast, whilst I am cardio-vascularly fit, my cyclists legs find running hard work, it hurts and sometimes injures me, and I’m not totally sure how much I enjoy it….

So, imagine my surprise when I found myself willingly entering the Brighton 10K!

I’ve done quite a few cycling challenges over the past year and I love doing them, but I am kind of learning what I can do on a bike now. A REAL challenge (thought I) would be something that I wasn’t sure I could do! Like a run!

It’s therefore time for me to knuckle down and get my trainers on (the weather might be a bit grim but hey, I’m a mountain biker, I’m not scared by a bit of rain or dirt!) and I recently braved my first run since last summer. I decided to start slowly and take it steady – concentrating on my technique, rather than running as fast as I can (and risking injury) – and did a steady 2 miles. I kept my breathing steady, concentrated on my (very dubious!) running style, and was pretty pleased to go the distance without stopping. A minor achievement maybe, but a good one!

Leg shot of a group of runners

Running versus biking?

I should probably add that my incentive was that my running companion was riding MY mountain bike in front of me – so there was an element of running whilst gasping ‘no, don’t do that!’ ‘don’t bounce on the suspension / yank the brakes’ etc etc!

Fortunately we both survived the first run and – I have to confess – I actually quite enjoyed it. I enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have to get my bike out, complete the obligatory pre-ride fettling – I could just get changed and go. No faff. And I enjoyed the freedom of actually doing it. I didn’t enjoy my aching legs the next day quite so much (and the next and the next…), but I’m hoping that’s going to improve!

So, that was the first attempt and I’m planning round 2 shortly – upping the distance and hopefully continuing to enjoy it. Obviously I’ll still get the miles in on the bikes too (road and off-road), but I’m thinking that there might be something in this cross-training lark.

The race is April so I have just less than 3 months to turn myself into a ‘proper’ runner – let the battle commence!

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Sarah Pain
Published on: 23 Jan 2015

Wiggle’s marketing category manager Sarah Pain is an avid mountain biker who also races for Team Wiggle. When Sarah’s not busy planning marketing campaigns she’s usually planning her next epic mountain bike adventure.