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You've trained for months. You've contained your nerves. You've travelled across the country. But... your laces keep coming undone, your legs are hurting early, and the pain of your feet rubbing is worse than the pain of running itself.

It doesn't matter what sport you do, you will have heard of 'marginal gains.' But what about last minute 'maximal gains'? Those last-minute additions to your kit bag, which really make your run not just good, but great.

1. Science in Sport nutrition

First up, nutrition. This is the building block of your day's success.

Science in Sport work with sports scientists and food technologists as well as keen athletes and sports people to develop products that deliver the right balance of nutrients.

With a whole range of flavours to choose from, you're not going to get bored.

We love the Science in Sport GO Hydro Tablets (20 Tabs) - they make water more interesting and replace electrolytes lost through sweat.

2. Compressport R2 v2 Calf Guards

Calf sleeves may look odd at first, but watch most long-distance athletes on TV and you'll see they're commonplace.

The reason is that there's nothing better you can do for your lower leg than employ some support – to not only to reduce calf muscle ache during the event but also help recovery and reduce the chance of shin splints.

3. Hilly Marathon Fresh Anklet

Your feet can take a hammering during a running event. If you've ever suffered from blisters you'll know that socks designed specifically for runners are a worthwhile investment.

The Hilly Marathon Fresh Anklet have a flat toe seam to help prevent blisters and the anatomical design provides support and cushioning exactly where it's needed.

4. Inov-8 Race Ultra 10

The best thing about a rucksack? It keeps your hands free for celebrating and high fiving.

This bag from Inov-8 features 2x 500ml storage spaces and weighs just 260g!

With a volume of 10 litres, it is great for keeping urgent spare layers in, or all day nutrition.

5. dhb Elastic Lock Laces

Elastic laces are a great way to keep your feet secure, without the fiddly nature of normal laces.

A colourful and inexpensive way to avoid getting tripped up.

6. 2XU Accelerate Print Compression Tights

Taking on multi-day sessions or events? Reduce soreness and accelerate recovery with 2XU Accelerate compression.

The multi-directional stretch allows freedom of movement whilst compression supports adductor, glute, quad, hamstring and calf muscles to reduce muscle vibration.

7. Wiggle Nutrition Recovery Drink (1.5kg)​​

Carbs and protein are likely to be the things your body craves most after a hard event.

A dedicated Recovery Drink will give your body all it needs, in a tasty package; and they can be easily consumed in the golden 20 minutes after the event.