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Can't get to the gym? Missing those events? You don't have to lose that physical fitness you worked so hard for. These days, there's plenty of ways to work out and stay fit at home. We put together some of the best at-home workouts, training tools and challenges for runners, cyclists and triathletes. 

Work out with the Wiggle YouTube channel

We've called upon our favourite fitness experts to create easy-to-follow workouts you can do at home and all with no equipment.

We'll be adding content throughout the coming weeks so make sure you subscribe and set up alerts so you don't miss a thing.

From pilates to CrossFit and even fitness for pregnancy, there will be something for everyone.

Join the Wiggle New Forest Sportive and earn a medal

We've come up with an exciting way to get together with fellow cyclists and celebrate the Wiggle New Forest Sportive.

This April, show us how you're celebrating the spirit of the sportive and we'll send you a medal for free.

It could be a ride indoors or a ride outdoors, or you could get totally creative and do something else entirely. We just want you to get involved and keep the spirit of the sportive alive.

Ride 100km for offers and freebies from Cyclist magazine and dhb

Looking for motivation?

Ride 100km, outdoors or on the turbo, between 6th and 19th April, and you'll earn yourself a virtual badge courtesy of Cyclist and dhb.

Not only that, but you'll unlock six issues of Cyclist for only £10, a free download of issue 2 of Cyclist Off-Road and 25% off dhb Aeron. Plus, if you take some photos of your efforts, make sure you tag them #cyclistdhb100 to be in with a chance of winning some amazing spot prizes.

Create your at-home fitness plan with Auro

Schedule your own daily personal trainer session without leaving the house. Auro is the leading audio fitness app and features hundreds of motivational workouts to support your goals whether you are a runner, cyclist or triathlete

Best in class trainers with expertise across fields: athletics, strength, yoga and more will guide you through the moves and push you on at every step.

The app helps you track your vital stats like heart rate training zones and calories and there's even virtual challenges to work towards.

Bring cycling indoors

The latest smart turbo trainers have all the features you need to replicate the outdoors, indoors. In fact, you might even find that training on the turbo is even more effective than hitting the roads. It's for good reason that Matt Hayman famously won one of the toughest one-day races, Paris Roubaix, after a six-week block of Zwift training thanks to a broken arm.

No stopping for traffic lights, no coasting on the downhills, and thanks to auto-resistance you tailor your elevation in a way that is impossible outside. All this means you are constantly working, building speed and endurance.

And if you miss the social element, apps like Zwift allow you ride with friends, albeit in a virtual world, and even compete. In fact, you might find you spot a few of the pros from time to time.

Swipe and sweat with Asics

Keep moving anywhere and any time with the Asics Studio app.

All you need is a mobile, some headphones and a bit of motivation. Whether or not you're a runner, there's something here for you. Choose from hundreds of audio-led workouts with an energetic soundtrack to get that blood pumping. 

Plenty of the sessions use no equipment, but there's also gym-based sessions for when you can get back in (or if you're lucky enough to have the kit at home). Why not grab some fresh Asics footwear or gear to workout in?


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