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New to indoor training? Don't worry. Whatever your goals or lifestyle, whether you have masses of space or you're confined to a corner of the front room, we're sure you can find a setup to suit. 

We asked our social community to share their pain caves with us for some inspiration.

Remember why you're here

Posters, medals, trophies, road signs (which we hope you procured through legitimate means). We love those mementoes that remind us of the buzz of racing and sportives. Our favourite events will come around again and you'll be ready when they do.

L-R: Runar Andrew Jonsson, Alan Margrave

Keep your eyes on the prize

Indoor training might mean there's no chance of a pub stop, but you can still keep a post-workout reward in view as extra motivation if you normally enjoy a tipple or two.

You could even arrange to meet your riding buddies on a video call to really recreate that social ride experience.

Clockwise from top left: Nigel Edmunds, Lee Newnham, Peter Meigh

Those who train together...

Keep each other on the straight and narrow, and maybe introduce some healthy competition, by working out side by side.

Even if this isn't physically possible, you could try group rides on Zwift or even set up a video call over Skype or Zoom with your crew.

Clockwise from top left: Iain Brown, Peter Kennedy, Brett Thake

Working from home? Take regular turbo breaks.

Save space at home and don't leave yourself any excuse not to get those legs spinning. Your home-working space can easily double up for turbo sessions.

L-R: Chris Higham, Ben Baker

Recreate the spin studio

If you're missing the bright lights and loud music of the spin studio, why not recreate it at home. Just keep the volume down for the neighbours!

Clockwise from top left: Matt Harbord, Lee McGovern, Simon Neville

Squeeze in wherever you can - just keep training!

The kids' bedroom, the shed, the loft. You might need to get creative but we think a barbecue makes a perfectly good laptop stand. Just make sure you get permission from the other members of your household first!

Clockwise from top left: Stuart Bailey, Richard Keogh, Leon Ogier

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