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Harrys Eastway Emitter R0

Our Team Wiggle staff riders are all on-board custom Eastway Emitter R0 framesets this year, and each one is build up slightly differently. In this blog post, we take a look at Harry's unique build...


At my first race of the 2016 season, before I had joined the Wiggle Team, I remember seeing Team Wiggle riders debut their Eastway Emitter R0 bikes. They stood out from a mile away. In a sea of black and red bikes, the stunning blue and orange frames looked fast and exciting – everything racing bikes should be!

I joined Wiggle and was fortunate enough to get a frameset of my own. I wanted a bike that would kickstart my racing season; my Emitter isn't just fast – it makes me want to ride everyday!

My goal for the bike was to make the fastest I could, per pound spent. My budget wasn't huge, but I think I've proved that you don't have to spend a fortune to create your dream bike.

Every component on my bike, other than the frame (at the moment), is available to our customers!



I'll let the pictures do the talking…

Eastway Emitter Frameset

Eastway Emitter

Eastway Emitter

OK, now onto more of the details...


Changing up a gear

My previous bike had the previous iteration of the Shimano Ultegra groupset. The 10 speed 6700 groupset served me faultlessly for almost 6 years, and to this day still offers crisp and direct shifting EVERY TIME! It's this consistency that forced me to stay with Shimano, and use a 6800 groupset for my Emitter.

I don't mind a few 100 grams more on my bike, and I won't be fussed if it's 10 watts slower at 40Km/h; but, a chain dropping grinds my gears! Once set up, I haven't had a single issue with the new Ultegra group. Braking, shifting and general efficiency is perfect!

My previous choice of a 53/39 setup seems ridiculous now. 52/36 or 'Semi-compact', is ideal for any performance cyclist – I can sprint downhill and spin uphill; and this is starting to show in my race results. Spinners are after all, winners!

Shimano Ultegra Groupset



Wheelset and tyres

There's a buzz around the office about our COSINE wheels. Yes, we would happily settle for Zipps, Mavics, or some other big players; but for the money, there is no better alternative than COSINE.

With the 30mm, 45mm and 55mm rim depths to choose from, I felt that the 45mm suited my needs best. An aero wheelset without the weight penalty found on aluminium alternatives.

After a few hundred miles, the COSINE 45mm's have performed faultlessly. On longer countryside rides they are smooth and comfortable, and when racing they are super fast. Braking, stiffness and hub engagement are amongst the best wheels I have ever tried – simply amazing when you consider these wheels cost less than £600!

I've dressed the carbon clinchers in a set of Continental Grand Prix 4000s II tyres, in 25mm. These need little introduction, as they are widely regarded as some of the best tyres on the market! I now run the tyres at around 80psi (even when racing) making them fast, grippy, responsive and very resistant to punctures! Any tyre with the Black Chilli compound is a winner with me.

COSINE 45mm Wheels with continental tyres from Wiggle



Finishing kit

I chose fi'zi:k for my finishing kit, partly because it matched my budget, and also because it looks fantastic.

It was only once on the bike and out riding that I realised the Cyrano R5 finishing kit is so much more than a pretty face! It is light, stiff and the quality is above anything else I have ever used. The matte black and lack of logos, works well on the bike – in fact it would suit any bike currently on the market!

fizzy finishing kit at wiggle bike shop


Other bits

Eastway Emitter at Wiggle

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