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A set of mid-depth carbon clinchers can transform the feel and performance of an off-the-peg road bike. They'll reduce the weight, improve the aerodynamics and boost acceleration off the line. The COSINE 45mm Full Carbon Clincher Wheelset is a great value option, and strikes that sought-after balance of performance, durability and reliability.

Tim has been testing them out on his Eastway Emitter R0:


A practical and reliable build

Reliability starts at the heart of the wheel - the hub set. The COSINE 45mm Full Carbon Clincher Wheelset uses matt black alloy hubs, with sealed cartridge bearings. These hubs are strong, smooth rolling, and most importantly the bearings will last, and will be easy to replace when they do begin to feel ropey. Sealed cartridge bearing hubs are a must if you're looking for a set of wheels that are capable of handling "British" weather.

Reliability and strength radiate out from the hub set, through the choice of Sapim's CX Delta spokes. Sapim are a brand known for producing great quality spokes, and you'll find their braces on many of the highest specification wheelsets out there today. The CX Delta spokes are laced up with a radial pattern (straight out from the hub) on the front of the COSINE wheels, and a two-cross pattern for added strength on the rear wheel; this is recognised best practice for the balance of aerodynamics, weight and structural strength/rigidity.

The COSINE 45mm certainly feel strong and reliable, and I've pushed them hard through some challenging terrain and conditions. As well as being reliable, they're also practical though; because COSINE designers opted for external spoke nipples at the rim. External spoke nipples are a bit less aerodynamic than those housed within the rim, but they have a significant practical advantage that you can quickly tune up the wheel, without the need to take the tyre, tube and rim tape off to reach the nipples.

Finally, the rims on the COSINE 45's. These are made from a matte finish uni-directional carbon fibre, with a reinforced braking surface and a 23.4mm external width; these properties make them strong, practical, and wide enough to take up to 28mm tyres - so you can ride some real rough stuff! The rim choice completes a build that is both lightweight and aerodynamic, but also one built to last.





The optimal depth

In my opinion, 45mm is the perfect wheel depth. It offers a do-everything option, which is just at home on flat rolling courses, as it is on Alpine ascents.

The 45mm rims on the COSINE wheels provide great strength, structure and stability; even in strong crosswinds, or when sprinting. The choice for this depth was a simple one, for me.



A great do-it-all upgrade option

The COSINE 45mm Full Carbon Clincher Wheelset is an ideal upgrade to an off-the-peg road bike. At 1660 grams for the set, they might not be the lightest wheels available; but, they are reliable, well-built, and offer some superb performance gains compared to your standard box-section alloy clinchers. These are well worth considering.

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Published on: 15 Jul 2016

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