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Spring cycling can be a difficult time for clothing choices; changeable conditions demand versatile kit. dhb's new Aeron Rain Defence range is designed to keep you comfortable, whatever the weather. Staff tester Andy, has been trying it out…

Working at Wiggle, we are lucky to be exposed to a lot of really cool kit and equipment. It's not often that we get the chance to be at the heart of development of these products though; which is why I was really lucky to be part of the team that tested the new dhb Aeron Rain Defence range.

The dhb development team enlisted the help of a few of our staff riders to really put this kit through its paces. As we are all different shapes, sizes and types of riders, the feedback gathered would prove to be vital to getting the final design just right. The range was put through all weather conditions, on all types of bike; and the end result is a great range of kit that will keep you protected from the elements, whilst remaining comfortable and unrestrictive; ensuring this range matches the quality, precision and performance of our best-selling Aeron collection that it sits within.



Personal highlight - the dhb Rain Defence jersey

My own personal highlight from the range, is the (also available as the ). This went through five rounds of prototyping before the dhb developers were happy with the fit. The first of these rounds consisted of 10 jerseys; with the goal to collect as much wear test data as possible.

The jersey has some really neat features; the covered front zip not only keeps out the rain and wind, but gives the front of the jersey a really classy finish. The rear pocket has a well-designed storm flap, which stops the rain running down your back, and into the pockets (no one likes a soggy mid-ride snack). The dropped tail hem on the jersey, protects you from the worst of the road spray. The fit, is still quite racy; which I really like for this sort of product, as it helps keep the elements at bay. The sleeves are longer than your normal summer jersey; which is ideal if you are coupling it with the , as it gives you that bit more security to hold the arm warmers in place, but also provides added water protection on the arms.

There are some awesome colours in both the Men's and Women's ranges; with the Navy Blue and Celeste Women’s jersey looking particularly fantastic.

I found that during testing, the jersey does a great job of regulating temperature. The material keeps you warm enough when it's cold; without causing you to overheat when it gets warmer. This characteristic comes not only from the fabric, but also the ventilation space found on the back of the jersey (just below the shoulder line); this is of course optimised for maximum breathability with a waterproof rubber flap. This will be my go to jersey for any ride in changeable conditions.



The best bib shorts

The  also underwent five rounds of prototypes; as well as through two variations of the fabric, to get the design exactly right. The fit was revised to change the seam placement round the knee area; this added flexibility and ensures the fit is perfect. After all, Rain Defence is aimed at the year-round cyclist, who wants no compromise in their kit.

A women's specific version is availble to:



Rain Defence accessories

The range is finished off by the , , and  .

These accessories give you the option to customise your setup; depending on the weather; before and during the ride. I found the arm warmers ideal for stashing in a pocket, in the event of getting caught in the rain. Their windproof properties also make them ideal for an early morning commute, where you know it will be warm on the way home.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted these on site already, and the positive reviews would indicate you like them as much as we do!


With more additions to the range in development for launch this winter, dhb Aeron Rain Defence range really is a kit for all seasons and all riders.

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