Autumn open water swimming - it is a chilly affair. Those late summer sea temperatures are falling fast, and the wind-chill is a significant factor. Enter the new Dryrobe Long Sleeve - the perfect companion.


The original Dryrobe has been a best-seller at Wiggle ever since it was first launched. The fleece-lined poncho design is a warm and dry pre-and-post swim comforter; as well as being a portable changing room. The new long-sleeved version of the Dryrobe is even more luxurious, and a fantastic product to have with you on cold water swims, surfs and sails.

My first sea swim in two months came as a big shock to the system last weekend… Both mind and body were taken aback by the sudden fall in sea temperature, a strong rip tide, and also quite how un-used to swimming my body was after my recent cycling ventures (read the #7Countries7Passes story here).

Comfort, came in the form of the Dryrobe

Jumping out of the water; heart rate racing; I could quickly and easily get changed out of my wetsuit, in the privacy and warmth of the fleecy poncho.

It was so comfortable, that I drove home in it. Then, ate lunch in it. Then, sat around drinking coffee and reading a book; before finally telling myself that it was time to wash off the salt and get on with the rest of the weekend.

This thing is awesome. With hand-warmer pockets, an internal pocket for your phone, and a full-sized hood - you are fully equipped to be superbly comfortable as soon as you pull it on, whatever the weather.

Long gone are the days of frantic changing on the sea wall; followed by desperate pulling on of every layer possible, in an effort to warm up. This is now a cold-water swim essential.

View the dryrobe Advance Long sleeve Large at Wiggle