Staff testers Tim Wiggins and Ed Tibbitts have been testing out the new Gore ONE 1985 ShakeDry Jacket from Gore Bike Wear. The company claims it is their 'most innovative fabric yet'. Find out what our testers think...


Unique waterproof fabric - 'Constant Beading Technology'

Tim: "Gore Bike Wear are known for their Gore-Tex fabric, but this new Gore ONE ShakeDry version is an incredible innovation. Due to the way the fabric has been created and treated, it has 'constant beading technology', which means that even after being bombarded with spray for hours on end, it doesn't become saturated; the water just keeps beading up and rolling off. The fabric is also highly breathable, helped in no small part by its super thin profile; it means the jacket remains comfortable in a variety of temperatures".

Ed: "It's always waterproof, and if you've layered properly then it is breathable for hours and hours riding, keeping you from overheating when things get tough."
Gore 1985 Shakedry jJcket


Packable protection and Performance features

Ed: "The jacket offers great protection, for what seems like such a delicate clothing garment when you hold it in your hands. It's so light, but it holds brilliant windproof and waterproof protection. It's ideal to pack in your pocket in the springtime, or even use as an outer layer in the deep winter or on cold descents."

Tim: "For such a lightweight jacket, the Gore ONE 1985 ShakeDry features a surprising number of 'added extras'. On the neckline you get a Velcro closure tab, to help seal out the elements. On the cuffs, there is a stretchy elastic, to fully seal around your gloves. There are then also high-visibility logos, a 2-way zipper (good for added ventilation), and a rear pocket - into which the jacket can be stuffed"

Gore Bike Wear 1985 ShakeDry Jacket


Garment fitting comments

Ed: "The fit offers slightly more room than the Gore Bike Wear Oxygen Windstopper Active Shell Light Jacket that I've been wearing recently, which leaves some extra room for layering."

Tim: "The fit is similar to other 'race-cut' garments from main-stream brands, like dhb. I have a 37 inch chest, and opted for the Small - which is close fitting on the shoulders and chest, to avoid any flapping; but still has a good length in the arms and back."



Ed: "This is a high performance jacket for a great range of riding conditions and situations. Gore are known for developing products with a long lifespan - I can't comment on the jackets long term performance just yet, but initially it looks deceptively strong and it's managed to withstand tree/hedge branch whips, and road grime and salt in large doses, out in the English countryside. Expensive yes, but very much best in class. Pure innovation again from Gore Bike Wear."

Tim: "This sets a new standard for waterproof cycling jackets. It provides the protection of a multi-layer hard-shell jacket, but with the pack-ability of a race-cape. It is light, durable, and has a great fit and feel. Impressive."

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Gore Bike Wear ONE 1985 Exclusive ShakeDry Jacket

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