In this blog post, Wiggle's Chris and Tom take a look at the new, and highly innovative GORE-TEX ONE running jacket. With it's new 'shake-dry' constant-beading technology, it's an incredible piece of kit!


Meet Tom

Role: Replenisher, Nutrition

Interests: Loves being outdoors whether running through the singletrack trails or hiking along a mountain ridge top!



Meet Chris

Role: Buyer, Running Department

Interests: Trail Running, hiking and mountain marathons.




First impressions


Tom: To sum it up in one sentence, I have been extremely impressed with this jacket. Very nice looking – simple designs but classy. It has a good shape to it and performs superbly. You know a jacket is doing its job, and doing it well, when you forget you are even wearing it and staying warm and dry becomes a given!


Gore-Tex ONE Running Jacket
Chris: I am very impressed with the ONE GORE-TEX®, first off it looks great and is a breath of fresh air with its matt black fabric colour and gold branding. It does everything Gore has promised it would do and feels great to run in.



The fit

Gore-Tex ONE Run Jacket

Tom: The jacket has more of an athletic feel cut, though if this is not desired then a larger size would allow for a baggier fit. I am a size Med/Large across the majority of brands and the Large fits me perfectly in this jacket.



Chris: I usually take a Small, but found that I need to go up to a Medium for a more relaxed fit under the arms and across the back, the Medium fits really well; so I would advise that if you are between sizes, to go for a the larger of the two.




Tom: The versatility of the jacket can be invaluable. The jacket is lightweight and packs up small meaning that you don't need to hesitate whether or not to take it with you. If in doubt, pop it in a backpack, running belt or even just hold it.

Chris: The ONE is perfect for running, and I have also used it for hiking too. It is breathable enough to keep wearing even on steep inclines - when I would usually overheat in other jackets. The windproof properties were invaluable when I got to the peaks - it was amazing at keeping the elements out. So effective, and great for maintaining an optimum body temperature.

Gore Running Wear ONE Jacket




Gore-Tex Shake Dry Technology

The main feature that makes this a step ahead of the competition is Gore's new SHAKEDRY™ technology. It sounds simple, in practice it is simple, but it is just so clever. This is new technology, which essentially allows water to bead more easily on the surface; this is created through the membrane construction, which prevents face fabric wetting - allowing the athlete to shake dry the garment.

This jacket covers all bases of requirements from a good running jacket:

  • Gore-Tex ® Active = highly breathable
  • Gore-Tex ® Membrane = extremely waterproof
  • Gore-Tex ® Windproof = minimises chill factor

Another benefit of the fabric is that it is very quiet, and creates noticeably less rustling than other water & windproof jackets.

Gore ONE Technology




Tom: This jacket does its job and does it very well. The Gore-Tex layer is extremely breathable when compared to other fabrics, and it is also extremely lightweight - making it nearly unnoticeable!  It is perfect for running in all conditions. With a wonderful understated look, too, this jacket packs a high level performance punch!

Chris: It has been great to try the ONE, especially since it is a limited edition with only 1000 made! It is the best jacket that I have tried, and will be my first choice for this year's winter training and events. If you are looking for a super lightweight jacket, with excellent water and windproofing, then this is the ONE!

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