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In this post, staff team racer Richard Pearman gives his opinion on the new GripGrab Race Aero Overshoes; a piece of kit that could provide you with significant marginal gains!


The Aero Advantage

The new GripGrab Race Aero TT Overshoes are designed to offer you a performance advantage during competition; with a form-fitting cut, and a lightweight design.

Rather than offering protection from the elements, these are designed for competition; be that road racing, time trials, long distance rides, or even sportives (as the name suggests Time Trials are the main intended purpose).

They could be used for any event where an aero advantage could be beneficial!


A Race-Specific Design

The GripGrab Race Aero TT Overshoes are quite delicate in their fabric composition, and aren't designed to offer any insulation or wet weather protection. The Aero Advantage is their sole (pun-intended) focus!

Because these are a race-specific design, they are also quite lightweight. Take your time putting them on, and be careful around the buckles and cleats of your shoes.

Also note, there are no heel-pad holes in the overshoes; so don't go walking around in them too much, as you'll wear them out!



These are undoubtedly a race-specific overshoe, and they do a fantastic job of smoothing out the non-aero profile of your cycling shoes' buckles, cleats and straps.

Their race-specific design does mean that they are quite lightweight, and that they also don't offer any real protection from the elements; so if you're looking for a more protective aero overshoe, you might do better to consider the GripGrab RaceAqua White Overshoes .

Overall though, the GripGrab RaceAero TT Overshoes deliver their intended Aero-Advantage for Time Trials, very well.

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Richard Pearman
Published on: 02 Aug 2016

Richard Pearman is an avid cyclist who has been cycling and racing since he left school. Now in his mid forties, he still has a love, and passion for cycling and being involved in all aspects of training, racing (for Team Wiggle).