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hiplok dxc lock available at wiggle

Bike locks provide an ongoing conundrum: the lighter and shinier your bike gets, the bigger and burlier your bicycle lock needs to be… what's the point in having a sleek looking single-speed bike, if you're going to fit a lock and bracket the size of Texas to the frame?!

Hiplok has the solution: with their compact high security locks, which don't need to be carried on your bike or in a bag. Hiplok's locks are designed to be housed safely and securely on your waist belt. The new Hiplok DXC Lock is their most secure and advance portable D-lock yet.


A bicycle D-Lock, also known as a U-bolt lock, is the most secure lock type available on the market. The hardened steel shackle is more resilient to cutting and sawing than any chain lock; whilst the integrated locking system is more effective than a stand-alone padlock. 

The main problem with D-locks is that they are heavy, bulky, and they are normally only large enough to secure the frame and rear wheel of your bike within their shackle. With the new DXC lock from Hiplok, these two problems are addressed...

hiplok dxc lock


The Hiplok DXC isn't just a standard bicycle D-lock. It also features an integrated cable; for securing smaller removable bike components, or the front wheel. In addition, the shape of the shackle is wider than most; to allow you to include the frame, the rear wheel, and a secure mounting point, all in its clasp.

Like all other Hiplok designs, the DXC is also superbly portable. An integrated set of strong plastic clips, means that you can easily slot it onto a belt, waistband, or bag strap; mitigating the need for a frame bracket or bag. The supplied cable coils up into a little plastic clip, which then attaches to the lock; also adding a neat bit of reflectivity for safety, in the process.

Every Hiplok product that I've tested in the past has had a faultless build quality, and I've been using the smaller brother of this lock (the Hiplok DC Lock), on an almost daily basis for the last year, with no signs of wear or deterioration. Looking at the DXC design, I'm confident it has the same superb quality level.


Overall, this is another winner from UK brand Hiplok. Reassuringly well made, well thought-out, and easy to use; it provides peace of mind when its securing your bike, and peace of mind that you're not ruining the looks of your ride, when you're transporting the lock around with you. Good stuff. 

View the Hiplok DXC D-Lock with integrated cable at Wiggle

hiplok dxc lock wiggle