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Winter is coming. Bring the darkness, rain and cold. The new Mavic Cosmic Pro SO H20 Vision Jacket is a waterproof that will keep you riding, whatever the weather. Tim Wiggins gives us his review of this innovative foul weather protective layer…



Back in June, on the longest day of the year, I completed an 'Everesting' on a coastal climb on the Isle of Wight (read the Wiggle Stories post here). It may have been mid-summer, but the weather conditions were characterised by thick fog and persistent drizzle. Fortunately, I was kitted up in a bright yellow Mavic H20 Cosmic Pro Waterproof Jacket. I remained visible, and comfortable, throughout the 14-hour ride.

This winter, Mavic have extended their superb H20 range, to include the new Mavic Cosmic Pro SO H20 Vision Jacket. This pioneering protective shell provides more protection, and far greater visibility than most waterproof jackets on the market today.


All weather protection

The Mavic Cosmic Pro SO H20 Vision Jacket is made from the latest fabric technology from 37.5® - the Warm Shell ST. With four-way stretch, and a 20,000mm waterproof rating, it is as protective as they come. The fabric is also treated with a Teflon® coating, to help dirt and oil run off, just as the water droplets do.

I have tested the Pro SO H20 Vision Jacket on numerous wet and cold late autumn commutes. This fabric is frankly incredible. Heavier than most waterproofs, its softshell properties have provided welcome added insulation for chilly mornings and evenings.

The fully-taped seams might be expected to restrict movement, but there has been no evidence of that; the stretch in the fabric itself helps to provide a form-fitting cut across the torso and the sleeves.

The breathability of the fabric though, is what really makes this piece versatile. The 37.5® technology helps to move moisture from the inside of the jacket to the outside air, as well as regulating body temperature. It is this ability to keep you dry and temperate, whatever the weather, which makes the Pro SO Jacket a great 3-season (autumn-winter-spring) option.



The innovation and R&D found in the new Mavic Cosmic Pro SO H20 Jacket doesn't stop at the fabrics. The developments in visibility under the 'Vision' label, have also been significant.

First, the jacket uses the high-visibility signature Mavic yellow colour on the shoulders, to make sure you stand out in low light conditions. Second, the design integrates 360° reflective highlights, to boost your road presence in the dark. Then, there is also a wider reflective dot panel on the front and back, which helps to provide further visibility aid, without compromising the jackets breathable fabric properties.

The real trump-card of this design though, is the integration with the new Mavic Vision App. The rear central pocket of the jacket is clear, and designed to safely house your phone in a waterproof environment. With the screen of the phone facing outwards, you can open up the Mavic Vision App, and your phone becomes a flashing yellow chevron. Neat!

The combination of the colour scheme, reflective panels, and Vision App integration, mean that this could well be the most visible jacket on the market today.




Pro fit and features

As a final note, the Mavic Cosmic Pro SO H20 Vision Jacket is packed with pro-level features, to accompany a pro-level fit.

The fit follows the same theme as other Mavic Cosmic Pro products; designed to be form-fitting and as far removed from a flappy plastic rain cape as possible. Check the size guide on site, and pay close attention to the chest sizing to ensure your jacket fits as professionally as possible.

The features on the jacket, such as the pocket and zippers, are also worthy of the 'Pro' badge. The zipper for example features a locking design, so it stays firmly in place whatever your level of exertion. You get three rear open pockets for all your winter essentials, as well as two zippered water-resistant pockets for valuables and a smart phone. All bases are covered.



Mavic products have long been a favourite with endurance cyclists; providing comfort, fit and performance at the highest level. The new Mavic Cosmic Pro SO H20 Jacket is a perfect example of the brand's innovation and attention to detail.

Protective, versatile and incredibly visible; this is the perfect jacket for wet winter days, and long hard miles in the saddle.

View the Mavic Cosmic Pro SO H20 Jacket at Wiggle

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