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Gina Ricardo, keen Team Wiggle racer based in Sydney, gives us her feedback on the full carbon Prime RR-50 Tubeless Clincher Wheelset.


What I am attracted to in a good set of wheels, is a balance between performance, weight, aesthetics and price. I am pleased to say that I found the Prime RR-50s to have these all.

Upon pulling the wheels from the box, I was immediately imbued with a rush of endorphins. I am a tragic cycling gear-nut. I love upgrades, and cycling parts that look fast and make you go fast.

The wheels were just as they appear online. I couldn't wait to take them out for a ride.


Initial set-up - Tubeless ready

My wheels had been pre-installed with a set of 25mm Schwalbe Pro one tubeless tyres. The benefits of tubeless tyres are well-documented, but they are still quite uncommon to see on the road.

All Prime wheels come with tubeless tape and valves pre-installed, so setting them up tubeless yourself is a doddle. If you arm yourself with sealant and a tubeless tyre pump like the LifeLine AirBlast Tubeless Tyre Track Pump, then it should be quick and simple.


On my first ride

I could definitely feel the difference to my normal wheel set, both in terms of ride and grip.

The combination of the wider rim width (25mm external width), lower pressure (70psi), and the tubeless tyres helped to remove a significant amount of road buzz. Equally, I felt confident leaning the bike into corners; with the wheels feeling planted and the tyres gripping well.

A significant benefit of tubeless tyres, is that you reduce the chance of punctures. Over my 1000km test ride in and around Sydney, I didn't experience any punctures.


Reassuring braking performance

I have raced on the wheels twice - at a local criterium and a road race.

You know you've got a good set of wheels when you chuck them on your bike and go straight into a race, without noticing any differences in handling.

These wheels didn't hesitate with everything I threw at them - including a sudden stop from 40km/h on the home straight of our local crit course. That is me below, slamming on the brakes!

I can definitely say that the braking surface does what it should do - stop! I managed to stop in time (just millimetres from hitting a fallen rider), and avoid a potentially nasty pile-up. Speaking of braking, the wheels come with a fresh set of Prime Carbon Pro brake pads, which are optimised for the braking surface.


Climbing prowess and aerodynamics

I also used the wheels on a local hilly road race. Weighing at just 1,530 grams for the 50mm rim depth, they are on-par with most sets of race wheels, and I could feel the reduction in weight compared to alloy wheel sets.

I love the aerodynamic gains you get from a 50mm rim depth, too. Sydney is not renowned for Dutch-like crosswinds, so I wasn't able to truly test out the cross-wind effects of the 50mm rim depth; however I am only 55kgs, and even in a moderate side-wind, I felt confident and planted.



In summary: performance, aesthetics, weight and price. The Prime RR-50s have it all, and felt immediately at home on my bike from day one.

If you are in the market for a great-looking set of performance wheels that tick all the boxes, Prime have you covered.

I had a lot of fun riding these wheels, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

View the Prime RR-50 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset at Wiggle