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Think of high-end cycling shoes, and many will think of Sidi. They have a well-justified reputation for producing superb quality footwear; which provides uncompromising performance and comfort. It is the reason that Sidi has become the choice of so many professionals; including the likes of Chris Froome, Julian Absalon and Nino Schurter.

The Sidi Dragon 4 SRS Carbon MTB Shoe is the flagship model in Sidi Sport's mountain bike shoe line-up. It features the latest closure technology, carbon composite sole and heel cup; to create a "disco slipper" that is superbly comfortable, stiff and secure. It is a mountain bike shoe for everything from weekend trail blasts, to week long off-road epics.



A secure and comfortable fit

Fit is probably the most important factor when it comes to cycling shoes. A good pair of cycle shoes will fit like a good pair of gloves; there should be minimal movement of your foot within the shoe; so that you maximise power transfer, and minimise the chance of rubbing and 'hot-spots' developing. Sidi have created the Sidi Dragon 4 SRS Carbon MTB Shoe so that it has maximum adjustability in its fit dimensions; so that you get a secure, personalised fit and feel, which assists comfort and performance.

Sidi started with the heel of the shoe; an area where a secure fit is vital to avoid slippage of the foot within the shoe during pedal rotations. They use a plastic heel cup, to provide support and stability; then utilise Sidi's patented Adjustable Heel Retention Device, to 'lock' the heel in place. The result, is an incredibly secure fit; exactly what you look for in a cycling shoe, and in particular an off-road cycling shoe, where the movement of the ankle tends to be greater due to your rotation on the bike.

To complement the secure heel closure, Sidi use their Soft Instep Closure System, with Techo-3 Dials and High Security Velcro; to 'seal' the arch and instep of the foot in place.

The Soft Instep Closure refers to the wide strap that passes over the upper part of the foot; securing the foot underneath the well-cushioned soft foam tongue. The height of an individual's arch/instep varies significantly; so in order to get the best fit, Sidi use an adjustable ratchet on one side of the strap and the Techno-3 Dial on the other side; so that you can tailor the position of the wide strap to be central over your foot. The technology works! I have abnormally narrow feet, with quite a low arch, and the adjustment in this strap means that I can accommodate the tighter fit that I generally require; avoiding maxing out the strap Velcro or ratchet, which often occurs with other brands.

Coupled with the Soft Instep Closure, there is a Sidi Techno-3 dial on the middle section of the foot, then a High Security Ratchet over the ball of your foot. This combination means that you can fine-tune the fit over your foot with the dial closure, and the High Security Ratchet allows you to pull on plenty of tension on this area of your foot that is crucial for power transfer.

The result of these multiple personalised fit features, is that the Sidi Dragon 4 MTB Shoes are incredibly comfortable. They really do fit me like a glove. I've worn them for 12 hour mountain bike races already this year; without the slightest hint of discomfort.

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Uncompromising performance

To complement the superb fit, Sidi have ensured that every ounce of power is transmitted through the sole of the Dragon 4 shoes, using their super-stiff carbon foot bed.

The carbon lay-up has been created so that there is minimal flex, and maximum feel and pedal power transfer. The S.R.S. (Sole Replacement System) technology also means that you can replace key areas of the tread, which get significant wear; prolonging the life of the shoes.



Italian flair

My final comment, aside from the superb fit, feel and power transfer; is that the Sidi Dragon 4 SRS MTB shoes look superb. There is no doubt that these ooze Italian flair. Little details like the tricolour flag, make them stand out. For some, the looks of their riding shoes are one of the foremost factors in their choice; these, won't disappoint.



Summing up

Overall, I really can't fault them. The Sidi Dragon 4 shoes are quite easily the best mountain bike shoes I've used to date.

The only thing I would say, is that it is worth getting some more structured insoles for them, such as those available from Superfeet; I fitted a set of Superfeet Yellow Insoles to mine. It helps to make the most of the secure fit and stiff sole; aiding comfort and performance.

Fitted with some custom insoles, these provide incredible comfort and power transfer; as well as a quality level that means they should last for many seasons. I'm glad of such a good pair of slippers, as I head off to several long distance off-road events in The Alps next month.

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