In this review, staff tester and racer Tim Wiggins takes a look at the Sidi Wire Carbon Road Shoes - a super high-end cycling shoe, offering incredible performance and quality.


Earlier in the year, I reviewed the Sidi Dragon 4 SRS Mountain Bike Shoes; those shoes have since done some incredible rides - including Dolomite mountain bike marathon races, cyclocross centuries, and many weekend trail blasts. In this review, I'm looking at my choice of Tarmac-focussed shoe, and again it comes from the Italian shoe specialists, Sidi. Unsurprisingly perhaps, it performs, looks and feels as good as its off-road counterpart…


Super-stiff power transfer. Incredible comfort.

The sole of any cycling shoe is the real heart of its performance. A stiff sole means every ounce of power is transferred between leg and pedal; but a stiff sole can create discomfort - so there is an incredibly fine balance to be achieved between rigidity and wear-ability.

The soles on the Sidi Wire Carbon shoes seem to hit the balance spot-on. There is no doubt these are stiff - they are an out-and-out race shoe, without a doubt; however, they're also extremely comfortable, and provide that sought-after mix. I've ridden in them for 12 hours, without the slightest hint of numbness; yet I've also raced them up climbs at 500+ watts, and not felt like they were flexing beneath me. There are very few other shoes on the market, which I can say the same for.



Breathable and great fitting uppers

As well as the soles providing great levels of comfort, the uppers of the Sidi Wire Carbon Road Shoe are also made to maximise rider contentment.

First up, there's the material used for the uppers - a micro-fibre leather, which is light, flexible, water-repellent, breathable and durable. This material allows the shoe to wrap comfortably around the foot, whilst also allowing the foot to breathe within. Breathability is further aided by the sliding Suola Vent, on the sole of the shoe; this can be opened to allow a refreshing flow of air into the shoe, or closed to keep out road spray in the wet.

Then there's the retention system, which on the Sidi Wire Carbon comprises the patented Sidi Heel Retention Device, as well as the Tecno 2 PUSH dial closure lacing system. These two features, allow the rider to tailor the fit of the shoe to their foot shape; holding the heel and fore-foot firmly in place, without any hot-spots or loose areas.

Third, there is the Soft Instep System, which comprises a well-cushioned tongue and an upper strap that can be two-way adjusted, to ensure it is sat centrally on the instep of the foot.

It is these three attributes that combine together to give the Sidi Wire Carbon a truly personal, and as a result truly comfortable fit and feel.



Fitting advice

We have a really great guide here on the Wiggle site: the Sidi Shoes Fitting Guide; which goes into detail on how to get the best fit with your Sidi shoes.

My personal advice, is go for your normal size. Sidi shoes are not smaller than other brands, they simply fit more snugly; and are made to fit like a glove, to optimise power transfer and comfort.

My further advice, is that I would strongly recommend using custom insoles with your Sidi shoes; such as those available from Superfeet. This can dramatically improve the fit, feel and function of shoes, and makes a real difference if you have a particularly high or low instep.




The Sidi Wire Carbon Road Shoes are an incredible work of precision manufacture; they are powerful, comfortable, durable, and they look superb. Sidi shoes are known for being a popular choice in the Pro-peloton, and these shoes demonstrate why - they are the product of Sidi's great heritage and knowledge, and although they are a significant investment, they're worth every penny in my honest opinion.

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About the author

Tim Wiggins
Published on: 12 Jul 2016

Tim Wiggins is an avid cyclist, involved in all aspects of the sport. Whether it is mountain bike marathons, or 500km road rides... he loves life on two wheels. He is also a keen trail runner in the off-season!