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Speedo H20 Active Range

When a big box of goodies arrived at Wiggle HQ a few weeks ago, I was excited to see what Speedo had in store for me. 

After rifling through the most colourful box of workout gear I've seen in a while, I decided to piece together some outfits for both the pool and gym, using the following products:



Looking at the size guide, I should be somewhere between X Small and Small: I have a 26 inch waist, 35 inch hips and 34 inch bust.

  • First, I tried on the Luna Vision Loopback Swimsuit in X Small and it fitted really well; the back strap was tight enough without digging in and it didn't cut in on the legs.
  • Less luck with the Luna Vision Crop Top in X Small; which was super tight and a cut in at the back to the point it was uncomfortable. I tried the Small and the fit was a lot better; tight enough to give support but loose enough to breathe. 
  • I didn't even attempt the Luna Vision Sports Briefs in X Small, because of the two part waist band. The Small fitted nicely over my bum without showing too much, and was high enough at the front you felt like you could work out in them. I eventually managed to position the waist band so it didn't cut in too much however I felt like whilst still having a couple of extra Christmas pounds I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing them. I understand the waistband needs to be tighter than on a regular bikini brief, so they don't move whilst exercising, but I think a single band would have made me feel a bit more confident. 
  • For both the Astro Pop Shorts and Astro Pop Capri Pants I could only test the Small, and they feel slightly too big on the waist; luckily they have adjustable waist ties, so I could tighten them up. However, I do think an X Small would probably fitted me better as I prefer my workout leggings to be skin fit, so I don't need to worry about slipping. 


In the gym

Speedo Gym KitSpeedo Luna Vision Crop Top

I've worn the Speedo H2O Women's Astro Pop Crop Top as a sports bra to both CrossFit and to the regular gym, when I have needed medium support; I have yet to try it on a run.

It's performed great and provided enough support for both weight lifting and HIIT. It also looks great, and I love the laser cut detail.

I've washed this about 6 times now, on hand wash mode in my machine (as I'm lazy) (tags say hand wash only) and the colours pop as much as day one and it looks as good as new. 


Speedo Astro Pop Shorts and Capri

The Speedo H2O Women's Astro Pop Sport Short and Speedo H2O Women's Astro Pop Capri Pant overall performed well in the gym, too. They felt great on, and were comfortable to wear.

The yoga style waist band makes you feel secure and does not cut in when performing exercises like bent over rows or deadlifts. The nylon and elastane blend fabric stretches well and does not restrict movement. Both have a handy pocket on the back where you can stash a key or small mp3 player.

The only downside was the slipperiness of the fabric when using some of the resistance machines; when trying to perform a heavy leg press I didn't feel like I had the usual amount of grip on the seat and could not lift as much weight as usual. 



In the pool

I've worn both the Speedo H2O Women's Astro Pop Loopback Swimsuit and the Speedo H2O Women's Luna Vision Crop Top paired with the Speedo H2O Women's Luna Vision Sport Brief in the pool.

I was really impressed with performance, although I didn't doubt that I would be, knowing Speedo.

The integrated support on both the swimsuit and crop top was a real winner. I could have a vigorous swim without worry about the top moving around.

As well as superb performance, I felt great; particularly in the swimsuit, as the fit was so good.

I liked the fact that I wouldn't feel out of place wearing this both at the beach or lounging around pool on holiday. 




To me, this Speedo range screams summer; beautiful bright colours, printed patterns and laser cut details. That's very different to my current workout clothes which are all black and grey.

Overall performance was good, for both the pool and gym; although the range would have better suited me if there had been a t-shirt.

I will definitely keep wearing for my workouts, as I loved that I could go for a swim after the gym, without having to remember to bring extra kit.

I will be packing the H2O Range for my holiday as well, as I always try to keep active even when I am away. The versatility of the range means I would be ready for any activities that get thrown at me. 

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Speedo H20 Active Range