Zoggs are passionate about the ocean and what changes they can make to protect our world for the future. Their mission is to reduce their impact as a business on the environment. From greener packaging to recycled swimwear and supporting various environmental causes, they believe in doing everything they can to preserve our oceans for the future.

And they aren’t all talk either, so far Zoggs have bought out new goggle packaging that used 57% less plastic than its predecessor, introduced Oxy Biodegradable plastic bags for swimwear to be transported in, transitioned to eco-friendly hangers, and even their marketing materials are made from sustainable fabrics. But they aren’t finished there, in 2020, Zoggs’ aim to have 100% sustainable packaging across their product range with 75% of their UK swimwear made from recycled materials

With such ambitious aims, this is where Ecolast™ comes into the picture. Ecolast™ fabric is made primarily from abandoned fishing nets, carpets and industrial waste which are rescued from the oceans and landfill. This waste would otherwise be harming whales, sea turtles, dolphins and other marine life.

After reading that Ecolast™ is made from things you wouldn’t imagine wearing, we are sure you’ll be pleased to know that Ecolast™ is not only eco-friendly, but it’s also super soft, comfortable and offers shape retention like no other. It’s even proven to be 15 times more resilient than standard swimwear fabrics so you can focus on what’s important – enjoying your swim!

But how do abandoned fishing nets create something such a high-performance swimwear? Well, it is a technical process, but in the shortest description, it can be split into four steps;

1. Abandoned fishing nets (ghost nets) and other items of waste are recovered from the ocean and landfills.

2. Everything collected is thoroughly cleaned and prepared for regeneration.

3. At the ECONYL® depolymerisation plant, the waste is regenerated into high-quality ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon yarn.

4. Finally, the ECONYL® yarn is used to produce Zoggs Ecolast™ swimwear, made from 78% ECONYL® yarn and 22% LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™.

Here's a bit more about how Zoggs’ Ecolast swimwear is made,  along with the benefits that come from supporting it.

Here's some of our favourite Ecolast™ swimwear

For men

Zoggs Tread Jammer

Zoggs Checker Jett Jammer

For women

Zoggs Womens Rona X Back

Zoggs Womens Electric Zipped Back