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The popular social fitness-tracking app Strava has announced that some key features will disappear for users of the free service, as it moves focus to the subscription service. 

In an email to subscribers, Strava founders Mark Gainey and Michael Horvath stated that, following a period of reflection, they would be ‘leading the company with a single purpose: rededicating Strava to our community.’ 

They went on to explain that the business, founded in 2009, was not yet a profitable business. In order to continue to deliver further innovations and functionality for their athletes, they would need to start turning a profit.  

From now, features that are expensive or complex to maintain, such as segment leaderboards, will only be available to users who pay a subscription fee of £4.99 per month. 

Strava's recently overhauled route-builder will also move to the paid service. The latest version includes elevation and surface type filters, an updated Mapbox base map and route recommendations and caters for cyclists, walkers and runners. 

Free users will still be able to record and view their own activities, receive achievements like KOMs and CRs and create segments. However, they will only be able to view the top ten on a segment leaderboard. In addition, more detailed activity analysis will move to the paid side. 

What you get in the free version 

  • Activity Recording 
  • Device Support 
  • Social Network 

What you get with a subscription 

  • Route Planning 
  • Segment Competition 
  • Training Dashboard 
  • HR & Power Analysis 
  • Advanced Metrics  
  • Goal Setting 
  • Training Log 
  • Compare Efforts 
  • Beacon 
  • Personal Heatmaps 
  • Partner Perks 
  • Premium Support 





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