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    I wore the Garmin Forerunner® 965 for one month - here's what I thought
    01 Mar 2023 / Gabriella Burden
    The Garmin Forerunner® 965 is the latest and greatest high-end sports watch from Garmin packed with the best training insights for running and triathlon. As someone who has been testing the watch for the past month, I can vouch for its impressive features. New screen One of the most striking features of the Forerunner 965 is its brand new...
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    Running in the new Asics Gel Nimbus 25
    01 Feb 2023 / Gabriella Burden
    The latest (and very different!) iteration of the popular Gel Nimbus running shoe from Asics has landed. The shoe is dubbed to be their 'most comfortable shoe ever'. So I put it to the test... Look and Feel From the moment you set eyes on the Asics Gel Nimbus 25, you can see a completely different design to the previous version. This is...
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    What is the best energy source for running?
    30 Jun 2022
    What's the best fuel for runners that will provide sustained energy so you don't suffer from the dreaded 'bonk?' We asked the experts at HIGH5 Sports Nutrition. HIGH5’s Slow Release Energy Range is the latest innovation in endurance nutrition. It provides you with a more sustained and durable source of energy, without the...
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    How to prepare for a virtual marathon
    30 Jun 2022
    With the Virgin Money London Marathon moving virtually this year along with many others, it’s important to think about how this affects race preparation and running. HIGH5 share their secrets for success. From creating your own rules and route to inviting family and friends along for support, running a virtual marathon has its advantages...
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    The seven essentials that make a good run awesome
    28 Mar 2022
    You've trained for months. You've contained your nerves. You've travelled across the country. But... your laces keep coming undone, your legs are hurting early, and the pain of your feet rubbing is worse than the pain of running itself. It doesn't matter what sport you do, you will have heard of 'marginal gains.' But what...
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    Training in the winter months; how to stay motivated
    23 Feb 2022 / Nassrin Chamanian
    During the colder months, it might seem tempting to stay inside by the radiator instead of braving the winter weather! Here are HIGH5’s top tips for keeping up the motivation when winter training. Despite plummeting temperatures and shorter daylight hours, there are numerous benefits of winter training. It gets you ready for early spring...
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    9 effective ways to improve your running technique
    08 Feb 2022
    We all know that running has a high impact on the body, but did you know that you can mitigate that impact with correct technique? We asked HOKA ONE ONE for their top tips. We get taught to swim at a young age, but rarely do we have running lessons. Sound technique, however, can be just as important in running as it is in swimming, if not more so...
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    8 ways to make sure your next marathon is a success
    01 Feb 2022
    You've done the hard miles and you're into the tapering period of your training. All you can do now is rest and finalise your preparations so the big day can go off without a hitch. We asked Asics Frontrunner Holly Rush to tell us the essential things you should be doing in the two weeks before your marathon. So it’s nearly upon us...
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    How to train for your first half marathon
    26 Jan 2022 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Are you looking forward to your first half-marathon in 2022? Here's how to breeze through your half-marathon training. Ready to take on your first half marathon? The challenge of 13.1 miles (or 21.1km if you’re looking for an even more impressive number) is something that very few people will ever complete. The half-marathon distance is...
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    Trail running with dogs
    25 Jan 2022 / Nassrin Chamanian
    For busy runners, finding the time to train can be a struggle alongside family and work commitments. Thankfully, there's one family member who we think will love joining you on your runs. We asked dog adventure accessory brand Ruffwear for their top tips on getting your dog into trail running. Do dogs like trail running? Getting into the habit...