• staff review
    Neil Pryde Bura SL
    15 Aug 2017
    In this latest staff review, Cycle Marketing Manager Rob takes a look at the lightweight and agile Neil Pryde Bura SL.
  • staff review
    kona rove cyclocross bike touring
    11 Oct 2016 / Chris Wright
    "So is it a road bike or an off road bike? Is it a commuter? A touring bike? It is all of them; rolled into one." This was how I summed up the Kona Rove ST , when I first rode and rated it, and I still stand by that statement; but I wanted to take it to the next level, and really show how capable the Rove is, as a loaded tourer! After...
  • staff review
    Ridden and rated: The Felt Decree
    20 Apr 2016 / Steve Kitchin
    Imagine a mountain bike that could do it all; from lightning fast ascending, to jaw-dropping descending. Imagine a guy that has done it all; from World Cup downhills to cross-country gut-busters. Imagine no more… Meet the new Felt Decree, and meet Steve Kitchin – our bike marketing manager. They are both damn hot, on the trails. Over to you Steve…