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    Neil Pryde Bura SL
    15 Aug 2017
    In this latest staff review, Cycle Marketing Manager Rob takes a look at the lightweight and agile Neil Pryde Bura SL.
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    Neil Pryde Bikes Bura SL
    30 Jun 2017 / Tim Wiggins
    Staff rider and endurance specialist Tim Wiggins talks us through his rather special NeilPryde Bura SL Road Bike...
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    Vitus Zenium SL Disc
    17 May 2017
    Staff rider Nassrin takes a look at the bright orange Vitus Zenium Disc SL Road Bike. With hydraulic brakes and high volume tyres, this could be a great year-round road bike...
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    Vitus Energie Pro Cyclocross Bike
    16 Jan 2017 / Tim Wiggins
    With Vitus bikes now unveiled as a new bike brand available at Wiggle, our staff tester Tim Wiggins takes a look at the Energie Pro CX Bike, after 1000 test kilometres so far…
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    kona rove cyclocross bike touring
    11 Oct 2016 / Chris Wright
    "So is it a road bike or an off road bike? Is it a commuter? A touring bike? It is all of them; rolled into one." This was how I summed up the Kona Rove ST , when I first rode and rated it, and I still stand by that statement; but I wanted to take it to the next level, and really show how capable the Rove is, as a loaded tourer! After...
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    Harrys Eastway Emitter R0
    04 Oct 2016 / Harry Staley
    Our Team Wiggle staff riders are all on-board custom Eastway Emitter R0 framesets this year, and each one is build up slightly differently. In this blog post, we take a look at Harry's unique build... --- At my first race of the 2016 season, before I had joined the Wiggle Team, I remember seeing Team Wiggle riders debut their Eastway Emitter...
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    Staff Bike Check: Neil Towns' Eastway Emitter R0 - with SRAM eTAP!
    09 Jun 2016 / Neil Towns
    We all like a bit of bike porn, and this is some serious stuff! Meet Neil Towns' Team Wiggle Eastway Emitter R0, fitted with SRAM Red eTAP!
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    Ridden and rated: The Kona Rove
    11 May 2016 / Chris Wright
    Gravel on! Staff rider Chris gives us the low-down on his Kona Rove!
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    Ridden and rated: The Kona Private Jake - First 1000km
    29 Apr 2016 / Tim Wiggins
    'Go anywhere. Do anything. Ride everything' - that would be a good strap-line for the Kona Private Jake. In this blog post, Tim takes a look at the incredibly capable cyclocross bike; as he prepares for a season of commuting, touring and racing…
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    Staff bike check: Tim Wiggins - Eastway Emitter R0
    22 Apr 2016 / Tim Wiggins
    In our series of 'Staff Bike Checks', we look at what Wigglers are riding, and how they've modified and tweaked their bikes to make them unique. In this first post in the series, we look at Tim Wiggins's Team Wiggle Eastway Emitter R0; which has been set up for long distance road riding.